UK Column News - 11th March 2020

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

START – Carnage: BoE announces emergency measures to deal with CoronaVirus…
Fusion Doctrine at work: coordinated action between banks and across bank departments
This is a continuation of establishment hysteria over CoronaVirus
None of these people are accountable to the public
Goldman Sachs predicts stock markets will collapse by another 15% by the summer
UK budget day today: ‘levelling up’ the economy (the CoronaVirus budget)
MainStream Media propaganda is driving public hysteria and panic
CoronaVirus response is completely disproportionate in relation to the threat
A closer examination of CoronaVirus details and facts not being reported by MSM
The more testing is done, the less of a problem this disease appears to be…
Why are government and MSM peddling grossly skewed stats in order to spread fear…?
CV: a number of health professionals are starting to speak out about hysterical coverage
CoronaVirus is being used to push alternative, radical government agendas…
24:32 – Government inquiry: the future of journalism (why does no one believe it…?)
Houses of Parliament seem very concerned that the MSM is not succeeding any longer
Will government start to fund MainStream Media in future…?
Government control of media – when have we seen that before…?
26:57 – BBC Outside Source: what’s it like being the parent of a porn star…?
Presenter & creator of BBC OS: meet Ros Atkins
BBC Twitter thread links through to very unsavoury material but is open to children…
BBC documentary: online child sexual abuse – don’t do what I did…
Documentary producer and editor: meet Jamie Ryan and his dark side
Documentary commissioning editor: meet Kimberley Rowell
Documentary series producer: meet Anisa Subedar
Internet Watch Foundation: trust us…we’re ‘independent’
IWF Independent Chair: meet Andrew Puddephatt OBE
IWF Industry Vice-Chair: meet Becky Foreman
IWF: a look at their financial partners
35:14 – Energy Systems Catapult: innovating to net zero…stop flying, eating meat, travelling
Will government use a ‘pandemic’ to force the public to radically change their behaviour…?
French ministry of health: cocaine does not protect against CoronaVirus…
The French public immediately see through this charade