UK Column News - 11th March 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Brexit: another ‘meaningful’ vote tomorrow…
All but two constituencies want their MP to reject Treason May’s Brexit deal…?
Teflon Tony wades in to the morass – why has he got any input at all…?
Slippery Tone wants a second referendum…
Times (anonymous) article – I can reveal Whitehall’s secret Brexit plan: stop it dead
The Civil Service role has changed – is this why they seem to want to remain…?
Chris Donnelly admits that government policy is now made in the Cabinet Office
British government has been turned on its head – now no responsibility to the public
Teflon Tony: problem, reaction, solution – the Hegelian Dialectic…?
UK Column article – Brexit: The Constitutional Position
What has Wikileaks revealed about the Blair and Brown governments:
1. Brown government undermined the Chilcot Enquiry into the Iraq war in 2009
2. Rigging the International Criminal Court
3. UK and US worked together to prevent reform of the world financial system
16:38 – GcMAF hearing: Lyn Thyer extradition hearing tomorrow at 10am
18:18 – OPCW chemical weapons report: Peter Hitchens takes aim at the details
MainStream Media has largely ignored the report: lying by omission…?
Hitchens derides the use of ‘open source’ materials (films etc.) in the report
Hitchens also questions the ‘magic’ gas cylinder explanation
26:25 – Syrian army unleashes large-scale attack on jihadist stronghold
Alistair Burt pledges another £400 million of ‘life-saving’ aid to Syria…
Sanctions are still in place on the Syrian government so who is receiving this aid…?
29:37 – Venezuela: breaking news – MainStream Media admits to fake news
Colombian government fakery at work: video was carefully edited…
Gov-media fake news: USAID is a CIA front
Elliot Abrams (US special representative for regime change): more fake news
Venezuela crisis: the great imperial roadshow
Venezuela denounces second False Flag operation at Colombia border
The result: US VP Pence announces new sanctions on Maduro ‘regime’ in Venezuela
The gov-media fake news cycle: an explanation
Sabotaging a national power grid = an act of war designed to destabilise the country
Western politicians Tweet about power outage almost immediately as it occurs…