UK Column News - 11th June 2018

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – G7 summit: Rapid Response Mechanism to attribute blame
To create a common narrative and response to world events…
US President Trump leaves G7 early: Russia should be brought back to G8
13:41 – Murdoch response: The US is no longer a country we can trust
15:32 – Trump moves on to Singapore: on a mission of peace
18:15 – Meanwhile the FCO meeting takes place in China: all about cooperation
22:51 – War rhetoric continues: Brexit – new secret Putin connection…
US Russiagate has been running for two years...still no evidence
US Ex-Senate aide James Wolfe accused of lying to further Russiagate investigation
28:04 – Treason May: a ‘colonialist liar’ according to Syrian President Assad
White helmets now labelled a ‘controversial group’ in MainStream Media
29:38 – Iran sanctions: Nike will not outfit the Iranian World Cup team
Sport now becoming a political machine instead of remaining neutral
31:10 – NATO in Italy: Stoltenberg heads over to ‘project stability’
An easy trip: Stoltenberg already in Italy for Bilderberg meeting…
33:52 – Alternative View 9 DVD set now available
34:12 – CogX 2018 is live: Artificial Intelligence – gender diversity essential
More merging of French and British institutions...without Parliamentary oversight
36:36 – Telegraph: Force social media firms to protect children
Is protecting children a ruse to filter out information…?
39:01 – How the Guardian aided the telling the truth anti-semitic…?
40:52 – Brexit: time to roll back the amendments and adopt original Withdrawal Bill
David Lidington’s hope: that the ‘backstop’ deal would be over by 2022…
House of Lords still under attack: a free HoL or a corporate-controlled chamber…?