UK Column News - 11th July 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – All hell breaks loose: Europe worries as Trump heads to NATO summit
Stoltenberg: a rabbit in the headlights
German Navy sunk by breakdowns & EU migrant monitoring
US Navy: holes in US submarine fleet
08:07 – yesterday UKC reports BBC ‘business’ article promoting tarot & witchcraft
UKC viewer alerts us to the Economist front page from 2017…
09:17 – Iraq: first anniversary of Mosul liberation
During ten month liberation, 16,000 civilian deaths…no criticism from MSM
10:39 – Novichok 2.0 the sequel: in a sealed box, Novichok could last 50 years…
Novichok boosts trade with free parking…nerve agent…? No problem
Have carparks been checked for nerve agents…? Story just doesn’t stack up
15:14 – John Cleese to leave the country due to distrust of the MainStream Media
Trust in Media survey: UK last on the list…
19:01 – why do we need truth from Media…? Papers please…
Excellent article by Professor of Philosophy at University of Sheffield
Sheffield City Council: ID required to enter your home
Sheffield City Council can serve court papers on ‘persons unknown’
Thousands of mature trees to be cut down to enable 5G system
25:02 – Cabinet reshuffle: new Health Secretary is Matt Hancock
Hancock accepted £32,000 from boss of think tank who wants to scrap NHS
The political game: left or right makes no difference…agenda is to privatise NHS
29:43 – CIPFA: annual conference 2018 – new president Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard: another Common Purpose graduate and ‘change agent’
Common Purpose: acting way beyond their authority…
34:05 – Melanie Shaw: charges are from Feb 2017...why is trial taking place now…?
Report from Melanie Shaw court hearing
Robert Green letter to ‘independent’ child abuse inquiry
41:18 – Telegraph: 10,000 children in care went missing last year…
Ex-Met officer John Wedger vindicated: children are going missing in many areas
Rotherham Advertiser: IOPC to see if Police senior command failed to protect children
Yorkshire Police are currently refusing to act on video evidence of child abuse