UK Column News - 11th January 2019

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News update.

START – MOD: 100 years of British air power
F-35 made of cardboard…?
British industry only manufacturing 15% of the F-35
Nine British F-35s now capable of ‘dominating the skies’…?
F-35 is a global project under global control…
11:45 – Why is British defence not included in the Brexit arrangements…?
British defence is to be taken under EU control via EU military unification
British government is deliberately misleading the population on defence union
16:14 – Scotland: Alex Salmond under pressure
Salmond has won his case due to unfairness and bias…from whom…?
Justice only available if the accused can afford £100,000 for fees…
Word salad: more than 1000 murders in Scotland left ‘unresolved’
24:23 – Ex-Celtic Boys’ Club chairman spared jail over child abuse
Sabine McNeill: 9 years for trying to protect children: mind the gap in British ‘justice’
Gloucestershire: trafficked children go missing from council care
Who is Julie Rzezniczek…?
October 2017: Gloucestershire children’s protection services rated ‘inadequate’
Bonnie Lewis’ case: kidnapped by the state – still not reunited with her mother
32:26 – The Telegraph: misleading article fails to headline Indian control of Jaguar
Was the Indian plan to strip British jobs discussed as part of the ‘World Reorder’…?
UK Column in 2013: warned of Common Purpose helping to boost Indian leaders
Westminster politics non existent: think tanks and foundations now decide policy…
Standing up for national interests now seen as poisonous and ‘right-wing’
The is the ‘rules-based international order’ regularly referenced by Treason May
36:47 – Integrity Initiative: UK Column still trying to track down Andy Pryce
Chris Williamson MP requests publication of related documents and correspondence
Alan Duncan refuses request on the grounds of ‘national security’
Head of National Security Council, Cabinet Office and FCO: who is Mark Sedwill…?
UK Column article: BBC Media Action – subversion from broadcasting house to Kazakhstan
BBC Media Action set up as a charity
Iranian prisoner Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe worked for BBC Media Action…
The obscene hypocrisy of blaming Russia for ‘disinformation’ in the west
The west has adopted the tactics of the Soviet Union that we used to oppose…
48:26 – Anna Soubry scandal update: some brave voices stand up to be counted