UK Column News - 11th January 2016

Lead item: Tom Crawford's Son In Court Today Along With Arrested Peaceful Protesters Due To House Taken Illegally Through Fraudulent Mortgage And With No Warrant Produced And No Audit Trail Of Documents Trial In Progress At Time Of UK Column Airing; Update Expected Later Today.

Backstory: NOTTINGHAM POST 2nd July 2015: TOM CRAWFORD: Supporters Out In Force As Police Block Off Road In (No) Bailiff Battle



DEFENSE ONE 7 January 2016: ‘Kill-Em-All With Airstrikes’ Is Not Working

Mathematics of the Anti-ISIS Bombing Campaign: 30,000 Fighters - 20,000 Killed = 30,000 Fighters

THE INTERCEPT (Glenn Greenwald) 2 March 2015: UK Media Regulator Again Threatens RT For “Bias”: This Time, Airing “Anti-Western Views”

THE GUARDIAN 11 January 2016: Trucks From Aid Convoy Enter Besieged Syrian Town Of Madaya

BBC NEWS (Middle East) 7 January 2016: Syrian Government 'To Let Aid Into Besieged Madaya' Outright Propaganda: Where's The Media Regulator For This, Then?

MOHEB SAFI YouTube Published 4 July 2014: A Young Boy In Yarmouk Refugee Camp In Syria Pleading And Crying Tears For Food And Drink

BBC NEWS (Middle East) 25 February 2014: Syria Crisis: A Palestinian Plea From Yarmouk Refugee Camp



Other International:

THE TELEGRAPH 9 January 2016: NORTH KOREA Cites MUAMMAR GADDAFI's 'Destruction' In Nuclear Test Defence
"PYONGYANG Says The Fates Of The Late LIBYAN Leader And SADDAM HUSSEIN Show The Need For A Nuclear Deterrent... The SADDAM HUSSEIN Regime In IRAQ And The GADDAFI Regime In LIBYA Could Not Escape The Fate Of Destruction After Being Deprived Of Their Foundations For Nuclear Development And Giving Up Nuclear Programmes Of Their Own Accord..."

WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER (As Of Now, I Am In Control Here, In The White House) 8 January 2016: Former Top Prosecutor: Email Suggests Crime by Hillary



VOX POLITICAL (Politics For The People) 10 January 2016: Opposition Parties Must Stand Together Against Tory Plan To End Parliamentary Democracy

INDEPENDENT 8 January 2016: UK Spying Laws Criticised By Government's Watchdog As THERESA MAY's Claim That Snoopers Charter Doesn't Block Encryption Is Scrutinised

MAIL ONLINE 1 January 2016: Stop Appeasing The Islamic Extremists Demands CAMERON As He Calls For The Whole Country To Be Loyal To BRITISH VALUES
(Has Cameron ever served his country in the Armed Forces?)

*Prime Minister Yesterday Issued An Uncompromising New Year Message
*Pledged To End The Appeasement Of Islamist Extremism Throughout BRITAIN
*Said Those Here Must Subscribe To BRITISH VALUES Of Freedom And Tolerance
*Insisted 2016 Will Be A 'Test Of Our Mettle' In The Battle Against Radicals

Is Cameron following Saul D. Alinsky's Rules For Radicals?

RARE (America's News Feed) [Foreign Policy] 2 December 2015: [Cameron] Had Some Choice Words For Those Who Oppose Bombing ISIS
"Maybe he should try a little substance instead of smearing those who are skeptical of more Middle East meddling."

INDEPENDENT 1 December 2015: Young People Who Question Government Or Media May Be Extremists, Officials Tell Parents
"This summer academics and writers warned in a letter published in the Independent that the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, spearheaded by the Prevent programme, would have a chilling effect on open debate, free speech, and political dissent."

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER (Clegg) 24 November 2014: 1 in 4 People In The UK Will Experience A Mental Health Problem This Year
Population being primed for mental health crisis?

UK Government press release published 19 January 2015: NICK CLEGG Calls For New Ambition For ZERO Suicides Across The NHS (National Health Service)

UK Parliament 5 June 2014: Assisted Dying Bill [House of Lords]

THE GUARDIAN 17 January 2015: Assisted Dying Bill Held Up In The House Of Lords



ZERO HEDGE 10 January 2016: China Contagion Spills Over To Hong Kong Banks As HIBOR Explodes To Record High, Stocks Tumble