UK Column News - 11th February 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – The Image: Gavin Williamson – Minister for War
Williamson’s RUSI speech this morning – who is ‘us’…?
Russia is resurgent – Britain has to stand up for ‘International Law’
Future technologies, AI, Energy Weapons and Google all mentioned…
Williamson plays with his toy soldiers while someone else pulls his strings
‘Defending our values…has made a difference to millions of people’s lives’
Iraq, Libya, Syria still in chaos after we defended our values there…
Britain’s flagship aircraft carrier ready to strike back at Russia and China
UK Defence Journal: Royal Navy now unable to operate a single aircraft carrier
Williamson continually threatens Russia and China during his speech
Meanwhile, China strikes rich gas field in drilling deal in the North Sea…
18:37 – Alternative View 9.1 DVDs now available via UK Column website
19:12 – UK: new Offensive Weapons Bill – knives and harmful acids targeted
Police hire civilians to guard crime scenes after sacking all PCSOs
Police in London may switch off the 101 help line overnight…
Cressida Dick (Common Purpose future leader) rises to the top
23:56 – NHS: Robots and AI to give doctors more time with patients
Eric Topol thrilled with new ‘independent’ report on NHS digital future
DHSC admits it wants to ‘improve health, make lives easier & make money’
Who is Eric Topol and what does he care for the NHS…?
UK Column talk: Dying for Good Health conference video on UKC website
30:48 – BBC sinks to new low promoting Cellulite above Brexit
Major British Constitutional issues completely ignored by the BBC…
31:33 – EURO currency is 20 years old: ‘public support has never been higher’
Jacques Sapir: Europe is falling apart – France falls out with Italy
Bloomberg: No, France and Germany haven’t fallen out…
The EU is itself facing existential threats bigger even than Brexit
36:18 – UK GDP increased by 0.2 percent in 3 months to December 2018
Bank of France sees French first-quarter economic growth at 0.4 percent
German recession wouldn’t bring down Euro-area economy
37:58 – Breakdown everywhere is deliberately planned and orchestrated
Seven weeks before we leave the EU…has anyone seen David Cameron…?
Nick Boles MP and Danny Kruger’s quotations prove accurate: planned chaos