UK Column News - 11th December 2019

Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Election 2019 update – who can we trust…?
Latest polls: Tories are well ahead
05:47 – NHS: UK Column (May 2018) conference warning of dire state of the NHS
Excellent website: thegreatnhsheist (dot) com – sets out the true state of the NHS
No discussion with the public about what is basically the sale of a public asset
FullFact: is the NHS already privatised…? Is it going to be…? FullFact fails to find out
FullFact statistics come mostly from The King’s Fund – an ‘independent charity’
King’s Fund chair: member of the Privy Council & chair of Judicial Appointments Commission
King’s Fund treasurer: previously a hedge-fund man and board member of Barclays
KF Trustee Dame Ruth Carnall: GlaxoSmithKline to deep government advisor
16:45 – Fake news: Tory punched by clever reverse technique…
Robert Peston and Laura Kuenssberg both have to retract fake news tweets
Both are senior journalists now pushing out ‘news’ based on hearsay…
19:31 – Independent MP John Kitson: I will represent you free of charge – campaigns on 5G
John Kitson MP not able to join hustings because of his views on climate and Israel
This is a sign of totalitarianism in our midst – no alternative views are allowed…
Democracy in grave danger: political parties are not allowing any alternative views to be heard
27:41 – Brian Gerrish stood in 2010: not invited to key hustings, given 6 seconds on the BBC
This is how government power is controlled from above – no coverage given to independents
29:54 – UK Column gives thanks for Christmas greetings
Alternative View 10.1 DVDs now available from UK Column website
31:10 – NATO-EU cornerstone: Stoltenberg and Borrell speak
Stoltenberg: I am a strong supporter of EU efforts on defence…
NATO and the EU will continue to complement and not compete with one another
Borrell: we have to work together…to build a genuine European Defence Union
NATO needs to be the cornerstone of European defence
Stoltenberg: world is too complex – neither NATO nor EU have tools to keep people safe…
UK Column article: EU Defence Union – what is EI2…?
Brexit (no exit): EU Defence Union will tie us into the EU indefinitely
Professor Gwythian Prins attempts to undermine Ann Widdecombe on EU Defence Union
Ben Wallace gets involved on Twitter: EU Defence Union is a conspiracy theory…
41:10 – Philip Barton at OSCE: renewed respect for fundamental freedoms and human rights
Gender equality is about future EU conscription and women taking front-line roles
43:18 – EU-Russia relations agreements at the Normandy Four summit
US-Russia relations: Russia’s Lavrov and US’s Pompeo hold press conference
Pentagon concern: ‘Russia cultivating sympathy among US troops’
World peace: are things finally heading in the right direction…?
Are US troops beginning to realise that the MainStream Media is not telling the truth…?
47:43 – Are we due to get a flawed Prime Minister…?
Extinction Rebellion: Department of Education cannot reply to UK Column before election…