UK Column News - 11th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish applying a special focus to the BBC Propaganda Machine in relation to the State of the Nation, including: START Nuclear Infrastructure : British & Communist via Chinese Investment 03:51 All Quiet on the Brexit Front as Theresa May is pressured by the Irish 05:47 Ministry of Defence & the Royal United Services Institute : BREXIT 07:23 “Am I not speaking English?” Asks journalist enquiring after Clinton 09:52 BBC relies on Conservative Party sources for ¾’s of its Political Info 15:47 Ministry of Truth : the British Broadcasting Corporation is political 21:03 BBC says that there is a gathering muster of Polish Forest Dwellers 25:14 Silence about Child-Abuse : BBC abdicates duties of Investigation 28:23 Dissidents Imprisoned amidst government-abduction of Children