UK Column News - 10th September 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – World Suicide Prevention Day…but no investgation into the causes
02:03 – Devonport warship HMS Albion ‘saves face in Chinese confrontation’
Coming up in a few weeks: exercise Trident Juncture (the Russians are coming…)
The talk is of a potential enemy but the enemy is being deliberately created…
Is the American military just a toy of Downing Street…?
Fake News: British Army’s exit from Germany delayed over ‘Russia threat’
Florida Police ‘use Taser on drunk & disorderly Royal Navy sailors’ on shore leave
09:40 – Minister for War checks out next generation to be sacrificed…
10:40 – Deep State engineers political crises to split parties…?
13:25 – Sunday Times: Police plan for riots and crimewave if there is a no-deal Brexit
Chief Constable Charlie Hall: no intelligence to suggest increase in crime or disorder…
15:01 – Colonel Richard Kemp: all Police should be armed…
Bob Wallace MP: Prevent Duty Guidance (Toolkit) for England and Wales
Local Authorities no longer serving the public – now a government intelligence unit
Local Authorities are now spying agencies – judge, jury and executioner
Who are Radicalising Influencers…? Whoever the local authority thinks they are
Media on Trial event in Leeds: blocked by Prevent strategy…? It’s a secret…
25:51 – National Audit Office: investigation into national security vetting
27:14 – Cameron’s Big Society in full view
Book recommendation: Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky
27:43 – Teflon Tony confirms receiving millions in donations from Saudi Arabia
30:18 – Syria: foreign fighters in Idlib face last stand
YouTube shuts down all Syrian State channels as assault begins…
BBC fake news: Syrian government used chemical weapons – absolutely no evidence
BBC Media Action: boasted helping to create the war in Syria
Start the wars, create the terror, implement the real (hidden) policy
BBC pumps out trash as news – who is ‘video journalist’ Hannah Gelbart…?
37:47 – Tommy Robinson: please let me into UKIP...oh please
Robinson supported and financed by Middle East Forum…
Zionists driving ‘anti-semitism’ claim against Labour and trying to infiltrate UKIP
Is the political influence of Israel in UK politics appropriate…?
UKIP Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel…
40:54 – Political constituency boundary review 2018 – deliberate electioneering…?
Melanie Shaw moved to psychiatric hospital…?