UK Column News - 10th June 2019

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Tory leadership contest: class A drugs anyone…?
Boris and Rory Stewart both start their campaigns
Jeremy Hunt has a Twitter malfunction…gets big backlash from the public
07:11 – Censorship: The Times – Free speech is in free fall in Silicon Valley
Big tech companies are now openly engaged in political censorship…
The MainStream Media enforcers: Vox, The New York Times, CNN
Silicon Stasi: big tech companies…are ‘doubly protected’
Are the big tech companies publishers or not…?
Is this the modern public square or Tiananmen Square…?
South China Morning Post: Facebook and YouTube hiring thousands of ‘moderators’
YouTube to ban ‘hateful’ videos with ‘supremacist’ content – who gets to choose…?
UK Column article: Censored (Online Harms White Paper)
21:16 – North Korea: Kim’s Big Purge fails to materialise
Fake News: Daily Star and Daily Mail continue with more North Korean nonsense
25:02 – UK GDP increases by 0.3% in 3 months to April 2019…
UK manufacturing in a slump – at lowest level for six years
Russia holds St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
President Putin: Globalisation model degenerating, turning into a parody, a caricature
Putin on sovereignty: every country has unconditional right to its own development road
31:14 – Italy: Rome to activate ‘alternative currency’ in move to spark Eurozone divorce
Italy now discussing treasury notes – Britain has the Bradbury Pound…
Italy to cut the central bankers out of the equation…?
34:06 – Japan speculates: F-35 crash kills pilot – pilot suffered vertigo
F-35 pilots regularly suffered hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) in the past…
36:36 – 21 Wire article: Israel has ‘right’ to annex Palestinian land in the West Bank
Very little push back from the EU or USA – politicians are bought and paid for
Dodgy Deal: the Israeli lobby is one of the most powerful in the world
40:03 – US Democrats: who will lead them into the US 2020 elections…?
The Annointed One: Joe Biden getting the nod…?