UK Column News - 10th January 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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START – Iran vs USA: how it started
US does not retaliate after Iranian missile strikes
US President Trump requests that states abandon JCPOA and negotiate new deal
The mystery of the ‘US Defence Contractor’ killed by Iranian missiles
What intelligence does the US have for ‘imminent’ Soleimani attacks…?
US Senator Mike Lee talks to press on Senate briefings on Iran
Was intelligence on Soleimani provided by Israel…?
Gareth Porter: was Soleimani strike based on Gulf of Tonkin style deception…?
US Senator Lindsey Graham: Iran is world’s No.1 state sponsor of terror
21 Wire article: Trump stands down against Iran, US in denial of ‘New Middle East’
30:19 – Boris issues new statement on Iranian situation
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: we recommend against taking flights to and from Iran
New York Times: video shows Ukrainian plane being hit over Iran
Writer of New York Times article previously worked for Bellingcat…
Video originates from Twitter user Nariman Gharib – who is he…?
The same team tried to implicate Syria in chemical weapon attacks…
39:39 – Buzzfeed and others try to establish themselves as arbiters of truth
CNN uses wrong pictures again – they seem unable to fact check their own news
Readers must do their own fact checking and not trust ‘fact check’ websites
Fact checker NewsGuard now asking for subscriptions to survive…
Snopes suffered a similar fate – the Ministry of Truth is collapsing
News reporters are increasingly unable to speak truth to power in the West