UK Column News - 10th February 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Brexit: Phase 2 – trade deal possible if…
MainStream Media avoids dicussion of foreign policy, security and defence
Foreign policy, security and defence is a key part of the EU’s demands
Cameron’s ‘remain but opt out’ becomes Boris’ ‘leave but opt in’…?
EU is desperate to keep UK involved in foreign policy, security and defence
UK Column articles: EU defence union
EU is using exactly the same language and the same format as the MOD…
Foreign policy: what is the EU’s foreign policy…? Why is Africa included…?
Does the EU have its greedy eyes on the UK’s assets…?
South Africa’s President Ramaphosa wants freedom to build his nation
17:21 – Coronavirus: confirmed UK cases double (from 4 to 8…)
Is public freedom at risk: people suspected of virus to be picked up and detained…?
Health Secretary Hancock: serious, imminent threat or moderate risk…?
Public Health England: out of date, confusing, inaccurate information
UK kowtows to the World Health Organisation and alarmist MSM reporting
Arbroath chinese takeaway closed after staff member felt unwell…
21:55 – SNP MSP Derek Mackay sent schoolboy, 16, more than 250 creepy texts 
NSPCC guidelines: what is grooming…?
Boy’s mother does the right thing and goes straight to the press
Mackay has also hassled another SNP activist for years…
The Sun: SNP spin machine tried to silence schoolboy text scandal
Scottish politics: values and virtue signaling have replaced virtue
Scottish education system is undertaking a deliberately ‘woke’ policy with children
Malcolm Clark’s tweets are very pertinent and well worth reading
Scottish Review: the crisis of consent in Scottish schools – a form of abuse
The Highland Times: they’re coming for our kids
The state are now effectively pushing child abuse…
The Scottish Family Party – a small, embryonic political party
39:23 – Britain’s F-35 takes first night flight from aircraft carrier
F-35’s gun still can’t shoot straight adding to its roster of flaws
43:40 – Widow blasts army over husband’s death – he lay dead in barracks for 3 weeks
British military: still under massive attack from within…
45:23 – Tate attack: mental health patient pushes boy from roof