UK Column News - 10th August 2018

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Dr Graham Downing with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Saudi-led airstrike kills 29 children in Yemen
June 2018: US military offers Gulf allies airstrike-target assistance…
Who’s foreign policy are we really enacting…?
3:05 – UK: ramping up the fear
Public servants have been reframed in terror ‘Prevent’ training
05:46 – UK Column on holiday from 16 August – 3 September
06:14 – Autism: How To End The Autism Epidemic (book recommendation)
HPV vaccine bias: only half of medical study was looked at…
Study heavily criticised by Dr David Healey and John Stone (Age of Autism)
Alliance for Human Research Protection: Science reviews are tainted
Cochrane HPV vaccine review was incomplete and ignored evidence of bias
Gardasil 9 was NOT included in this review…
HPV vaccine causing women to fail to conceive
European Medicines Agency: keeping data under lock and key = healthcare…?
School nurses intimidating young girls to accept HPV vaccine
19:27 – Is science as a whole becoming extremely unscientific…?
Critics of evidence from pressure groups are silenced – very unscientific
Two retiring editors of leading medical journals have spoken out
Professor John Ioannidis: 90% of published medical data is unreliable…
Anyone speaking out is attacked, driven out of medical industry
23:00 – 5G talk: 11 August, 6pm – Civic Hall, Totnes
24:52 – Opium: No counternarcotics program has led to lasting reduction
Opium production worldwide has reached highest level ever recorded
29:11 – BBC hyping up new speed reading propaganda media
Allows no critical appraisal of news items, reader loses comprehension of details
BBC: free advertising of digital news watches…
Melanie Shaw postcards available from UK Column website
Warning: money collection for Legal team funding
37:21 – BBC promotes crime and desecration of church in Russia
BBC presents Pussy Riot crimes as victimisation – blames Russian law enforcement
BBC fails to investigate UK Police using same tactics…
BBC encourages impersonation of a Police officer
BBC continues to publish anonymous articles: nobody is accountable
BBC journalist spinning the anti Putin line: who is Kriszta Satori…?
BBC foments war in teaches ‘truth’ in UK schools
BBC propaganda = twisting and distortion of truth, omission & applied psychology