UK Column News - 10th August 2016

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & David Ellis of Strategic Defence Initiatives, including: START Words of Country Wisdom whilst Walking the Dog 02:13 Abuse in Nauru & Australian Immigration Policies 04:24 Held as a Political Prisoner in Britain : Mel Shaw 07:53 Witches of Eastwick : Theresa befriends Russia? 11:47 Advanced Russian Capabilities Surprise MoD 17:32 TREASON is the appropriate terminology 22:14 Incompetence : ‘A threat to the species…’ 27:25 Betrayal of Americans by their Leaders 29:37 Lynton Blair : a thief & Shameless Killer 31:23 ‘Delivering Security in a Changing World’ 32:42 State of the British Navy in relation to Russia 41:38 ‘Just wanting to get on, people living in peace…’