UK Column News - 10th August 2015

Nagasaki bomb remembered as USA cajoles Japanese government to support US wars, ISIS to invade world according to BBC journalist, US Lt General warns Obama administration willful in support of Salafists, al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, Obama on video promoting US support for ISIL, Daily Mail VJ day pressure cooker bomb propaganda, Daily Mail nudges public to relive ww2 against ISIS in no substance article, MET Police Chief Hogan-Howe on foiled terror plots err maybe, Middle East Eye how British intelligence plays both sides of terror war, Plymouth City Council attack on free speech, Chris Spivey and free speech on Ian Crane Humanity v Insanity, UKColumn break 17-28th August 2015, Doomwatch returns September 2015, BBC Panorama nudges terrorism fear 2004, Lithuania recruits journalist to counter Russian messaging, DailY Mail ramps up hatred with foreigner charge for care, Calais crisis demands British army, Labour's Corbyn now endures anti-semitic attack, Canadian Conservative close down free speech at meetings, NeonNettle Jill Dando reported BBC paedophile ring, Guardian and Times nudge public away from paedophile investigation of Ted Heath, Mirror exposes that Heath fixed OBE for Savile, Magistrates resign over unfair court charges, Cameron and Grayling attack the poor and vulnerable in court, Local Government magazine reveals UK devolution to be expanded