UK Column News - 10th April 2019

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

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START – Child abuse campaigner Robert Green seriously ill with cancer
2:37 – Depraved gay couple jailed for 38 years for abuse of young boy
Still no proper investigation of UK’s massive state-funded child stealing & abuse industry
The flawed IICSA child abuse inquiry has refused to hear testimony from Melanie Shaw
Inquiry Chairman Alexis Jay: investigation is not examining the truth…
IICSA inquiry being used as a public safety valve to cover up high-level abuse
BBC child abuse propaganda that Robert Green and others have worked so hard to expose
10:03 – Online Harms White Paper: the complete shutdown of free speech
An urgent need for new regulatory body to be established as soon as possible…
This has been on government’s radar since 2014: alternative views must be silenced
Commission for Countering Extremism: what is the definition of extremism…?
Commission for Countering Extremism – an ‘independent’ group…
Is ‘extremism’ being used as a self-fulfilling prophecy to generate future narratives…?
Google’s ‘news blacklist’ shows manual manipulation of special search results
Google’s response: deviously makes it appear that they deny the allegations
23:34 – Crowdfunder for Saving Syria’s Children: did the BBC lie…?
24:50 – Children’s Commissioner for Wales logo: hidden symbolism…?
Little girl groomed to speak the Commissioner’s UN political line
28:34 – Brexit: Treason May in Brussels for talks
Bill Cash MP: any long extension to Article 50 likely to be challenged in UK courts
31:13 – Iran: US labels Revolutionary Guard as ‘terrorists’ – Iran returns the favour
Entire Iranian Parliament dons Revolutionary Guard uniforms in solidarity
34:00 – Japanese F-35 crashes
Turkey buying Russian S-400 missiles – US blocks their purchase of F-35
39:02 – New Zealand: MPs overwhelmingly back post-Christchurch gun ban
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: dispensing with Parliament…?
Ardern being lined up for the United Nations…?
43:31 – Government plan to cut junk food adverts before 9pm will cut 2 calories per day
Meanwhile, school playing fields and green spaces are being sold off across the country
45:00 – Rockland County (New York) declares county-wide state of emergency:
People are being banned from public spaces if they are not vaccinated…
This is United Nations vaccination policy – Doctor says banning is nonsense
46:12 – BBC plans to move operations to Holland after Brexit…?