UK Column News - 10th April 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley for today's news update from the UK Column.

START – International Law and ‘international norms’ are now interchangeable…
Inversion of reality and projection are the new MainStream Media norm
Russian military and Paul Craig Roberts: zero evidence of chemical attack
12:02 – White helmets: strange messages painted on walls
13:57 – Douma, Syria: kidnapped being released...many still missing
More fake news: ‘Westerners search for truth: are they Assad pawns…?’
21:05 – BBC propaganda: ‘alleged’, ‘might’, ‘could’, ‘may be’ are now facts...
MainStream Media: NLP and applied psychology in evidence
25:00 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
26:14 – NHS: fantastic ability in treatment of military nerve agents...
Skripal poisonings: Yulia Skripal discharged – still no evidence provided
Russian Ambassador to UK: how long can British politics sustain such pressure
Salisbury hospital: who is Dr Michael von Bertele CB OBE FRCP
Treason May (26.03.2018): Skripals ‘may never recover fully’…
Sky News fake news: pathetic Skripal attack analysis
UK Column: analysis of madness in the Treason May bunker
43:06 – Project Servator: local people to be eyes and ears of Police
Protest groups to be targeted…