UK Column Live - Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Special studio guest: child protection campaigner of 22 years’ standing Wilfred Wong, originally trained as a barrister and with expertise in Satanic ritual abuse.

A screen warning is displayed: the subject is disturbing and unsuitable for children and some young people, but necessary for adults to understand.


02’]    Is Satanism real? Evidence shown on screen is a BBC report that the Royal Navy officially recognises Satanist worship and permits it on board warships.


04’]    Ironically, while the Government has recognised Satanism officially, it has not recognised the Satanist ritual abuse (SRA) in which many of them are involved.


07’]    Some Members of Parliament and some officials with influence over police and public bodies are involved in SRA. Abusive Satanists seek power and seek to transform society. They are nothing like the “ordinary” people who engage in child abuse, because those ordinary abusers do not seek power.


09’]    The Satanic element is, as it were, an extra element on top of the abuse of children, one which gives it a perverse religious significance.


10’]    To understand the scam around the fake independence of the Goddard Inquiry into child sexual abuse, viewers should read the article


11’]    If Justice Goddard talks about SRA and forces police to investigate SRA cases, there may be hope that her inquiry is in earnest. Otherwise, it is likely that the inquiry is there for cosmetic purposes and to keep SRA under wraps.


12’]    Geoffrey Dickens was the first MP to speak out about SRA in the chamber of the House of Commons, in the 1980s. No other MP has done as much to expose it. He died relatively young in the mid-1990s but the names of those whom he identified were preserved in dossiers which then “went missing”. The dossiers were suppressed because high-ups were identified.

Dickens’ home and office were broken in to at least twice while he was striving to expose SRA.


Brian Gerrish recommends the reading of


14’]    The extent of efforts made to cover up all mentions of SRA is itself an indication that there is something in it. Details are shown on screen and read out of how MPs were intimidated by other MPs not to expose MPs’ involvement in child sexual abuse.

Jimmy Savile’s alleged involvement is mentioned.


16’]    It is common for those involved in SRA to have babies born which are never registered so that they can be abused and sacrificed (murdered).


19’]    The women who bear such babies are often called “brood mares” and it is also common for Satanists engaged in SRA to force them to abort their babies for sacrificial purposes. This has been going on for decades.


20’]    The case of Hollie Greig, whose abuse allegations in Aberdeen have never been properly investigated, is discussed. Hollie has said that she was once forced to eat part of the sacrificial victim, which is common in SRA. On another occasion, Hollie was forced to drink a sacrificed dog’s blood.

Wong says: “SRA and cover-up, more often than not, go hand in hand.”


22’]    Izzy’s Promise (tel. 01382 206222) is a good UK charity dedicated to helping the victims of ritual abuse.


23’]    Wong estimates that the numbers of victims of SRA are in the thousands from the past couple of decades. There is a constant flow of SRA survivors coming out, all talking about very common characteristics of SRA, and this flow of survivors is not going to stop however much authorities ignore it. Most (but not all) police will not deal with it.


24’]    A woman has described having been tied to an altar and raped by Jimmy Savile during a Black Mass when she was aged 13.


25’]    Therapists knew about Savile’s SRA long before he was exposed, as victims kept telling them.


26’]    “We should be open-minded enough to investigate,” Wong says. The problem is that police often fail to do so, for example when they spoke to only two of the 22 alleged perpetrators of Hollie Greig’s abuse and then claimed they had found insufficient evidence to prosecute.


28’]    Commonly-occurring characteristics of SRA are shown on screen and discussed:

1.    People dressed in dark robes and hoods who are chanting, usually in a language which the victim does not understand.

2.    Children being drugged, prior to their abuse, by those dressed in robes and hoods.

3.    Children being forced to ingest human or animal faeces and urine.

4.    Children being forced to drink human or animal blood.

5.    Children kept in cages or hung on hooks.

6.    Children placed in coffins or buried in the ground. They are usually eventually taken out after experiencing the terror of being buried alive.

7.    Children being forced to sexually abuse other children.

8.    Ritual sacrifice of a human or animal.

9.    Children being forced to not only watch the human or animal sacrifice but also to eat the sacrificial victim afterwards.

10.    Children being forced to participate in the killing of the sacrificial victim.

11.    Women or girls being forcibly impregnated and later their child is aborted and used as a ritual sacrifice or is born and then ritually sacrificed. This adds new weight to the claim that abortion is the modern-day form of child sacrifice.

12.    Death threats against the children, their loved ones and even their pets if the child victims reveal the abuse which they have suffered.


30’]    Wong observes that SRA abusers are not content merely to abuse the children, but are determined to corrupt them and turn them into abusers themselves by forcing them to take part in some of the killings. “It’s a very comprehensive programme … to subject the child to physical, mental and emotional torture for a very long period. [The victims] go through hell.”


31’]    Scepticism about the existence of SRA, spoken to victims who have the courage to speak out and who are broken, is “actually secondary abuse”, Wong points out.


32’]    Is SRA real? Six sets of case details are given on screen of successful prosecutions of British SRA perpetrators. One (Colin Batley in Kidwelly, South Wales) involved a whole family of abusers. The trials were:

Telford, Shropshire, 1982

Central Criminal Court, London, 1987

Worcester Crown Court, 1990

Liverpool Crown Court, 1992

Swansea Crown Court, 2011

Truro Crown Court, 2012


33’]    For every successful prosecution of SRA in the UK, there are dozens (or even more) completely uninvestigated cases, Wong emphasises. Besides, the comparatively few successful prosecutions are completely ignored by those who deny that SRA even exists.


35’]    SRA perpetrators are known to have infiltrated the media alongside other realms of public life. Some journalists have a strong vested interest in covering up SRA, but the media has a key role in exposing it and has no excuse for claiming squeamishness, given the whole range of dark issues on which they daily report.


37’]    The Kidwelly case (see 32’ above) was mentioned in the South Wales Evening Post. Aangirfan blog mentions cases from Australia; this is a worldwide problem.


38’]    The Hampstead SRA case in North London hit the press in September 2014. The Daily Telegraph called the children’s mother, who had discovered the abuse, “evil” and accused her of “torturing” the claims out of them. Then, the man whom the children clearly accused of abuse — their father — was given an opportunity on the BBC to deny it all, but the BBC failed to point out that the man is a professional actor.

The spin put on the Hampstead case by the media is a 180-degree twisting of the truth regarding the torture of the children. This is a recurring pattern, a tactic of suppression, to protect those engaged in SRA.


41’]    “Because of the sheer gravity of the allegations, the very least the police should do is thoroughly investigate them and not prejudge them, and neither should the media,” Wong says. “We’re only asking the police to do their job.”


42’]    Some policemen are known to have made reports to the Metropolitan Police’s Ritual Abuse Unit in the Hampstead case, and found themselves threatened by fellow officers.


43’]    One of the common traits of SRA cases is the police being told by high-ranking officers to stand down from investigating it, and Wong says that campaigners suspect the same applies to the Hollie Greig case in Aberdeenshire.


45’]    Another common tactic, with an example from the Guardian shown on screen, is to hire in psychologists to claim that all SRA allegations are false memories or stoked by silly Christians. Yet the victims describe perpetrators’ genitals in great detail, as well as describing sexual practices that they could not have read about in books.

Wong’s response: “How could [all the victims] be colluding with each other across the Atlantic?” Very few horror videos go into detail on SRA issues; the claims are not inspired by video nasties. Besides, there is no hard scientific evidence to underpin “false memory” theory. The very real trauma that survivors experience, especially on significant dates in the Satanist calendar on which they were abused, cannot have been caused by something made-up.


47’]    Wong says that the public must pressure MPs to have SRA exposed.

Brian Gerrish adds that church leaders must stand up on this subject.


49’]    Mutilation and killing of animals is more evidence of SRA. While the press will report on this, it is much more reticent when the same is done to children.


50’]    How can people become involved who find the whole topic too horrible to contemplate?

Wong urges viewers to put themselves in the child victims’ shoes and to speak out for the sake of their own children and grandchildren, “because the Satanists are always looking for more children to access.” “If we don’t protect the children, we’re jeopardising our own future … and that’s one of the reasons why the Satanists attack our children: they want to hijack our future.”


52’]    Why are Christians doing so little about SRA? Far from creating an “SRA myth”, most Christians are indifferent and as sceptical as non-Christians about it. Some of Wong’s best allies in exposing SRA have been non-Christians.