UK Column News - 24th May 2018

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's news update from the UK Column.

START – Yulia Skripal gives a statement to the media
Salisbury ‘poisoning’ story is still completely unbelievable
Russia unsure of Yulia’s liberty and if her statement was freely made
05:47 – Stefan Halper case: who asked Halper to spy on Trump officials…?
John Brennan’s plot to infiltrate the Trump campaign
09:14 – BBC: a picture speaks a thousand words…?
Manchester police chief condemns ‘inappropriate and inaccurate’ BBC documentary
BBC corporation: anonymous spokesperson speaks
BBC documentary: Who are Patrick Holland…Dan Reed…Jamie Roberts…?
21:11 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
Ian Crane & Dr Graham Downing: Humanity vs Insanity tonight 19:30
Ian Crane: Fracking Nightmare tonight 21:00
23:17 – Daily Mail: Plot to subvert Brexit exposed – Soros at work again
Book recommendation - The EU: a Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
25:38 – EU: Eurogroup meeting today – banking union is one subject on the table
28:16 – Policy Research Unit: non-political ‘independent’ political research…
Who are the Social Mobility Foundation…? Run by ex-bankers and media people
32:15 – Gavin Williamson at RUSI: expanding our friendships…
How China is becoming a naval superpower and why it matters
Beijing: new J-20 stealth fighters will conduct patrols in Taiwan’s airspace
37:55 – NHS future funding: subscription an option or health-related insurance…
BBC health news: one NHS article, five abortion articles
Channel Four: free advertising for big pharma corporation Pfizer
But don’t mention the possible side-effects…
43:00 – Plymouth Herald: City Council setting up £130 million property empire
Councils across UK still sitting on huge ‘unusable’ council tax reserves