Freedom Music Festival

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It was the summer of 2022 when the dream of hosting a Freedom Music Festival finally became a reality.

The stunning fields on Ivyland Farm, Netherfield, East Sussex, were the perfect setting for the highest-vibing festival you could ever wish to attend, and there was a wonderfully nostalgic feeling in the air of going back to the old days—when the world was 'normal' and the nonsensical world we had all been traumatised by couldn't touch us. It was merely there to be laughed at and mocked. We are the 99%, and we were going to celebrate our sovereignty and freedom in one of the best ways humanly possible: with music!

The festival was packed with original talent and awesome entertainment, with a vast mix of genres. There were no fewer than 41 acts: from solo artists to bands, live dance music to DJ's. We don't know how we managed to squeeze them all into one weekend, but we did and they were all incredible. Some performances raised the vibe so high that you felt like you were on cloud nine; some performances moved you to tears as their words spoke of the fight and injustice we had all suffered.

The music industry was hit hard by the lockdowns, as live music made up over 50% of total revenues in the sector one in three jobs in it were lost as the employment level fell by 35%. As three-quarters of these people were self employed, many weren't covered by the Government's support schemes. Artists that were hit the hardest were those that had managed to keep their integrity by questioning things that didn't add up and speak out about their concerns with the handling of the 'pandemic'. Refusing to be coerced into taking the jab and wearing a mask had cost them dearly.

Even so, taking part in this event wasn't about making money for them. Many did the event for free; some only asked for travel expenses; and for that HOPE Sussex will be eternally grateful. When Katy-jo Murfin started to plan the event, she had no idea how much it would cost, and without their generosity and the astounding help from all the volunteers, the festival would have been impossible to achieve.

HOPE's Freedom Music Festival was mainly intended to give the courageous people in the truth movement a weekend full of fun, happiness and escapism. It was also a fundraiser for the HOPE Sussex Community, and with the money we raised, they managed to make a good start on the renovation of their Hub and to pay for the third work weekend on their community centre.

To everyone that bought a ticket, volunteered, performed or helped us achieve this amazing festival, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Events at HOPE Sussex Community have been non-stop since September and we unfortunately can't manage a music festival this year. But with many lessons learnt and many ideas of how we could make it even bigger and better, we know the next one will be like nothing you have ever experienced before, so it will be worth the wait.

If you would like to find out more about HOPE Sussex please visit their website or e-mail them at—and we hope to see you at an event very soon! With love from Katy-jo and HOPE Sussex Community.


The three festival videos, with compering by Katy-jo Murfin


Interview and set with Hollowbone

Interview and set with Inspekta Veg

Interview and set with Paul G Terry

Interview and set with Tim Briffa

Interview and set with Campbell & Jam for Freedom



Interview with Mark Devlin

Interview with Peter Trott

Interview with Right Said Fred

Interview with Tom Prowse

Interview and set with Danny Rampling


Pure sets; no interviews


Indigo Veil

Planet Janet

Roger Hubbard

Roxanne Bishop

Satori Vibes

William Wallace

Baby D