Northern Exposure

BLM defaced statue of Robert Milligan
Considering the attacks on monuments and statues by the “Black Lives Matter” protesters, what should we conclude? Is it righteous anger, or something darker?
Monkey chanting is all over the news at present. This is the imitation monkey or ape noises directed against sportsmen of African ethnic origin. It is particularly common in association football and occurs all across Europe.
For a decade or more the slur words of choice from an intolerant left, seeking to silence debate, have been "fascist" and "Nazi". They use them to signify a political view entirely without decency and characterised by a callous disregard for the weak. It is equated with the "far-right", the third item in the trilogy of denunciation. But what do these terms actually mean?
On Saturday 11th March, 2017, I went along to a meeting of a campaigning group called ‘Yes Perth City’ at the Salutation Hotel. It was a very interesting hour.