UK Column News - Yemeni Slaughter, Lariam & the Abuse of Indigenous Canadians (22nd September 2016)

UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson & John Devine, including: START Truth & Reconciliation in Canada : the Abuse of Indigenous Children 05:12 Enablers, Whistleblowers, Silence… Victims are Betrayed by the State 07:24 Abused children : killed by Electroshock & found buried in the ground 11:48 Infrastructure Privatisation - & Financial interests dismantling Nations 13:27 Brooks Newmark : a compromised Man – Betrayer of Bashar al-Assad 15:48 Murderers in High Office & the Fell Atrocity of the Libyan Desolation 19:21 Weapons flows started in Benghazi & travelled via Turkey into Syria... 23:14 ISIS equivalents Ahrar al-Sham : Moderates who Decapitate Children 25:23 Yemenis Die in Droves as the Western Press is Complicit in Bloodshed 29:19 Lawsuits Against State Terrorism – ‘To pry open the Saudi Enigma…’ 34:24 British Forces : Mental Health & the Betrayal of Forced Lariam Intake