UK Column News - White Helmets Nobel Failure Causes Universal Hysteria (12th October 2016)

UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Ellis & Vanessa Beeley, including:

START White Helmets defeated - A success for the Independent Media.
04:12 ‘Intrinsically linked with the intelligence services’ - the Telegraph
05:34 Pseudo-Humanitarians attempt to raise Funds lost in Nobel Race
12:45 Boris is a slave to the propaganda narrative of Atlanticist intrigue.
17:21 Aspects of transnationalist discourse with the promotion of liars…
21:35 Syria is the staging platform for the creation of the E.U. Military
27:59 A Reporter of Great Integrity, Murad Gazdiev from inside Syria
31:23 Golan Heights : CIA, Defectors from ISIS & Israeli Black-Ops…
39:24 RAND CORPORATION : Driver of Transnationalist Intrigues
42:15 Situation Report | Yemen in focus, ‘One of the supreme crimes.’
47:29 British Constitution Group : Networks Establish the Rule of Law