UK Column News - Tim 'Child-Snatcher' Farron MP, Tories Rebrand & UKIP Implodes (5th October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including: START Infighting & shadow-players : Diane James Resigns as UKIP Leader 02:57 ‘What is important is not what is said…’ - says Brexit Minister Davis 05:24 Rebranded : the Conservative Party Launches Public-Relations Blitz 07:53 General Sir Nicholas Carter - Nuspeak & ‘Change Agent’ Reframers 12:45 Nudge Politics & the Relentless Propaganda of ‘Behavioural Change’ 18:57 Exercise Bersama Lima Sixteen, whilst Russia Sends A.M.S. to Syria 19:42 ‘Purely a defensive system and poses no threat…’ Russians Mock US 21:23 Winchester, Lincoln & Glasgow Constitutionalists : Sovereign Action 23:14 ‘Missing Syrian Children? Pah!’ Negligent Criminal Tim Farron MP 32:49 Acceleration of the Transnational agenda post Brexit : ‘truly global…’ * AMS = Advanced Missile Systems Winchester Conference Tickets (