UK Column News - Russian Nukes versus Western Rhetoric & Military Exercises (14th October 2016)

Today's UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including: START Telegraphic Dross & the Systematic Degradation of Public Discourse 03:52 United Snakes Pantomime Elections : Theatric distraction from War 12:24 Another Day, Another Military Exercise with Posturing & Escalation 14:15 Kislyak Warns of a Breakdown in Russian-American communications 15:47 Syria & Yemen : America claims the Houthis have attacked its warship 23:25 Plymouth Constitutionalist & History Society | Networks In Formation 32:12 Independents for Change : the fearless Clare Daly speaks out in Ireland 33:57 Police Officer & Child Rapist Peter Bunyan was never CRB checked… 34:21 Establishment abuse-Networks in Plymouth & the sadist Allan Richards 35:49 Home for Children… Teenager found Hung after Reporting his ‘Carer’ 36:52 Judge Goddard was a ‘racist tyrant’ who Blamed Asian Men for Abuse 42:13 Inescapable : the Infinite Public & Private Debt that Imprisons Britain WINCHESTER TICKETS : (