UK Column News - 9th December 2016: Vanessa Beeley in Damascus

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley in Damascus, and David Scott for today's news, including:
START    Syrian and Russia declare cease fire in Aleppo - where does this leave western politicians and media?
07:35      White house declares removal of arms embargo to Syrian "rebels"
17:00      Sergey Lavrov will not accept al-Nusra being spared
21:10      David Scott and Vanessa Beeley comment on Boris Johnson's proxy war statement
27:50      Another Royal Navy engineering training college closed
31:15      Baroness Aneley speaks about Human Rights and Civil Society - we look at what "Civil Society" is and how it relates to "populism"
36:18      Cabinet Office claims Divine Right
41:40      Update on the Docherty family
44:00      Anti-child abuse campaigner Robert Green receives more unlawful paperwork from High Court bailiffs demanding £40,000