UK Column News - 6th December 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Ellis for today's news update, including:
START    Brooks Newmark, ex Tory MP, resurfaces promoting "Women2Win"
05:45      As Syrian army makes progress in Aleppo, Foreign Office begs them to stop
13:15      Supreme Court Brexit case day 2
18:10      EU Brexit negotiator comments
20:20      Theresa May invokes the East India Company; claims the Royal Navy will protect global trade
23:37      Who is General Magowan, Royal Marines, and who is he working for?
32:10      Telegraph Fake News over Russian ship in British waters
34:40      More Fake News: British "supercarrier" to sail to China
40:48      While Melanie Shaw is held in prison, her housing association moves to repossess her property and sell her personal possessions