UK Column News - 29th April 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News, bringing you the latest Coronavirus updates.

START – Lockup goes on…CoronaVirus statistics update
Why are the UK and Netherlands not publishing CV recovery rates…?
Recovery rates don’t underpin the required narrative…?
ONS excess mortality rate graph is complete chaos
Death certificate causes labelled as CV even when death was not CV related…
CoronaVirus lockdown (lockup) is killing more people than the virus
Two Californian doctors on video questioning death rate figures: video removed
Ireland: North and South of border, government is exceeding their powers
Dutch students heavily fined for standing together on their own balcony…
Germans pushing back against ‘compulsory’ rule to wear masks
More draconian laws: UK magistrates guidance – the Adult Court Bench Book
Corrupt UK justice: bulk applications and no paperwork…a presumption of guilt
World Health Organisation appears in Adult Court Bench Book
Control the language and you control people’s thoughts and behaviour
Major law changes are secretly going on outside of parliamentary and public view
Juries now too ignorant to understand ‘beyond reasonable doubt’…?
COVID-19: Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 – new CV addition to Act
British Journal of Medical Practitioners – the right to consent: is it absolute…?
32:06 – UKC viewers pick up on media language being cleverly crafted for effect
UK Column viewer warning of government use of hypnotic language
Read the Cabinet Office document Mindspace.pdf for more information
New phrase: contact tracing – the ability for government to track us relentlessly
38:33 – Alternative View 11 live stream details now available on UKC website
Neil Mackay: Scotland’s handling of schools in lockdown is a national disgrace
State control is now to be brought directly into homes with the power of fines…?
Meet article writer Neil Mackay: very confused on privacy
44:46 – UKC article: British military information war waged on their own population
Rand Europe: the utility of military force and public understanding in today’s Britain
53:30 – Ukraine: Westward Ho…? Saakashvili seeks return as vice premier…
How do these corrupt people keep getting appointment recommendations…?
This is the Sorosification of Eastern Europe
NATO’s CoronaVirus war