UK Column News - 22nd November 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson from Eastern Approaches and David Ellis from Strategic Defence Initiatives for today's news, including:
START:    A referendum in Italy - will the leave the Eurozone?
07:04       In Bavaria, the constitutional court rules that referenda are unconstitutional
10:30       Scottish Claim of Right to be used in Brexit case against government
13:40       EU court to rule on Article 50 options
18:40       Express reports that EU Army a reality
24:15       NATOs largest scale exercises in Lithuania
25:30       Two Russian military kidnapped in Ukraine - Lavrov recognises who is behind it
28:30       The F35 is a joke
30:40       A look at the Defence and Security Review
45:30       Disgusting response from Tim Farron on the fate of unaccompanied refugee children disappearing from the British care system