UK Column News - 10th August 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

START – Covid testing in schools: they are coming for the children…
Gavin Williamson: there is little evidence that the virus is transmitted at school
PHE report due to be released later this year – why can’t it be released now…?
Children’s Commissioner report: detaining children on public health grounds
The government definition of the word ‘voluntary’…
Preston latest UK city to see lockdown tightened after increase in Covid cases
Local lockdowns are on the increase – to control public disorder…?
Obese people in CV hotspots will be told to stay indoors – no definition of ‘obese’
Piers Corbyn holds anti-lockdown protest in Bristol city centre
Many other lockdown protests are happening across the UK
Silencing the debate is a primary desire of the controllers
Many people visit beaches during heatwave as their own way of protesting
BBC: CoronaVirus – how to stay cool in a face mask as hot UK weather is forecast
Why are we even considering wearing face masks outside in the fresh air…?
Still no medical risk assessment has been done on the wearing of face masks…
Public health nonsense: mask-wearers touch their faces far more than non-wearers
East Kilbride hospital tells staff (under threat) that all people over 45 are to be DNR
Governments are lying: anyone challenging the official Covid line is censored
32:23 – Economics: employers intending to make redundancies increases to 33%
Employee demand is also down – pay rises will be negligible
35:36 – Newsguard: UK Column branded after secret trial
UK Column summer break: 17-28 August
37:35 – Scotland: registering to vote from age 14…
41:30 – Supporting victims…? The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry update
Political interference being used by John Swinney to control the inquiry
46:24 – Defence: sovereignty on defence will mean nothing if we are drawn in by EU
EU are chasing the UK’s nuclear capabilities for themselves
The Foundations of Scotland’s democracy have crumbled and you should worry
No end in sight: five street names in Fife under scrutiny as links to slave trade identified
Book burning continues: calls for history teaching to be banned in the USA
We are told normal life has gone…who has the power to steal our future lives…?
The enemy within: The David Ellis Show – Betrayal