Eastern Approaches Podcast: Ukraine—"I'm not buying into ideologies from either the East or the neo-Marxist West"

The latest Eastern Approaches Podcast between Alex Thomson and Gevorg Virats turns to Ukraine. Gevorg sets out in strong terms why he decries everything that the Russian Federation is doing on Ukrainian territory, both militarily and in the media.

Among many other recent historical matters, we discuss Iain Davis' article on the extent of Ukraine's Nazi problem and Fakhrudin Sharafmal's call for the slaughter of Russian children on 24 Kanal, financially controlled by the wife of the Mayor of Lviv. Subsequent to the recording of this podcast, Gevorg pointed out to Alex that the Ukrainian state had prosecuted Sharafmal for his televised remarks.

Whatever your understanding of the present situation, you will benefit from this impassioned first-hand account (lasting just under an hour and a quarter) of the last couple of decades in Ukraine.