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What A Load Of Pants

The price of fuel is pushing up the cost of bus and car journeys. Car insurance has gone up across the board by between 40 and 60% this year, despite the reduced risk incurred by fewer car journeys. Train travel is already prohibitively expensive if more than one person is travelling together.

And now, for the air travellers amongst us, to add to the lies of liquid bombs and shoe bombs, we have underpants bombs.

We are being "normalised". Travelling is now frowned upon by the powers that be, and we face a policy any third world tin-pot dictatorship would be proud of.

They can't just come out and say it, of course. We live in a "democracy", after all. So we are being "nudged".

It's more behavioural change. The policy is to make travel so utterly unpleasant, either through the costs involved, or the fact that in order to get from one place to another you have to go through "naked" scanners, or get your underpants well and truly felt up by some minimum wage goon wearing rubber gloves.

We are to choose, freely, to travel less, or as is more likely, not at all.

The Great British travel shutdown has begun.