Thank you for supporting Mary and Mikey

We have received this note of thanks, encouragement and advice from the lady whose case we recently featured.

I thank all those who are supporting me and my son Mikey and are giving kindly and generously.

I am especially moved by the lovely messages. They convey love of others and love of freedom.

I thank all those who are packing and doing heavy lifting, and those who are managing the fundraising.

I thank the solid UK Column team for the immediate initiative taken after hearing about our situation.

We have been fortunate on this exhausting journey. Many friends are saying the same prayer.

I worry about each and every one of you, because I can see what is occurring and I can see what is coming.

I wish you all health, freedom, love, a merciful life. You are all warriors now and your goal is noble.

I trust humanity will achieve whatever is expected. Embrace your fellow warriors and your opponents.

Yes, embrace your opponents too. They just lack the empathy that you all have.

There is still time to share love and light with them.