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Sleepwalking Into A Technotronic Dictatorship

After a weekend of glaring headlines and turmoil in the nation’s press and media as a result of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, the mainstream news over the last few days has been confusing at best, and a kaleidoscope of unrelated photographs, banners and text at worst.

Aside from the tragic death of Lee Rigby, hot topics include Hague crowing his success at arming the Syrian rebels, women and the vote, Cameron on holiday, a derelict hospital used by Hitler, the trial of Max Clifford for sex charges, Ministry of Defence cuts and a £600m contract for the French, a Chinese baby flushed down the toilet, fat people, media stars and their lives, sex and plastic bags. 

But we now live in a country where many cannot feed themselves, do not have a job or are dependent on benefits. Spare bedrooms are taxed.

Our hospital and the NHS, are in a crisis so deep that the bodies number in the thousands. Our politicians are corrupt liars who say whatever they think is necessary to win power at the next election - they are above the law. Judges call for babies to be removed from criminal parents. Children are taken from parents in secret courts.

A former head of MI5, Stella Rimington, declares that the enemy is everywhere, and we must spy on each other for the government if we are to be safe. We have more CCTV cameras per head than any other nation on earth - those cameras now track our movements and, with a spooky sense of 1984, attempt to predict crimes we may commit. 

Our heavily armed police - the paramilitary men in black, led by a private company called ACPO, have started secret arrests and the state is again calling for interception of electronic communications. The Cabinet Office within the British government, is running an applied behavioural psychology unit that is so successful in changing our views, values and actions, that the technology is being sold to foreign countries. 

Obvious? The evidence to show what’s coming is blinding. And yet we are continuing to sleepwalk into a technotronic-dictatorship, so vicious and so effective that Stalin would have died for it. Or come to that, we will die for it. For there has never been a dictatorship that nurtured and loved people.

Is it accident or design that drives the British mainstream press and media to emit the mindless propaganda that provides the smokescreen for the drive to this dictatorship? 

While you think about that, I will simply say that if you want to stop what is happening then you need to start speaking out and warning others. And you need to do it now.  It’s that simple.