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Scotland, Do You Have To Go?

At school in England I loved the Scottish songs which we all knew and sang with Gusto (Gusto was the Italian music teacher). I later realised that I would have known the words to ‘Bonnie Bonnie Banks’ - hmm, this has slightly different connotations now - long before a student of my age living in Scotland.

Imagine the culture shock on my first visit to meet my new Scottish extended family, my having married a good Scot who had previously taken the Queen’s schilling (deliberate mistake!).

In the local butcher’s when trying to buy a very English pound of sausages rather than ‘a pun’a links’ I would hear a hiss and rumble of ‘Anglish’ down the queue behind me.

Then there was the English soldier who was arrested after remonstrating at being subjected to anti-English rhetoric in a pub, he was referred to the whole time he was in Irvine police station as “That English B**s***d”.  Yikes! I was truly in a foreign country.

These were, of course, the worst case experiences; there were many lovely ones too.

The point of all this is that from the 1950 onwards, anti-English sentiment was promoted in Catholic Churches, schools and families in Scotland. Later it was spread via Unions and eventually the TA (Territorial Army) and from then on seeped into the so-called Protestant classes. This is important, as it shows that for decades,  Scots have been subjected to social engineering to put them in the correct mindset for separation from the rest of the UK. Led by the nose to their own demise. This had to happen; a strong Britain would be far too powerful to fit under the EU commission governance which in turn comes under the One World Government via the UN and Agenda 21. All National power must dissipate; a strong Nation is a threat to  Global  government.

The new Scottish monetary notes are so like euro notes that they will need just a very slight adjustment when the Scottish government joins the others in merry euro land, they can't wait to get their rewards. One consolation - they can't take it with them.

Then of course comes the backlash, the English, sick of being told that Scots would support any team other than theirs and being blamed for every Scottish ill, would be happy to see the back of them. Quite a clever slight was "Keep Scotland tidy, leave your rubbish in England". The anti-English have always been so much more vocal than the British Scots, of which there are many who see the strength of  a united Britain.

It is no joke that the people of Scotland are being promised a great lie - Independence. Many Scots already realise this.

Under the coming world governance, no country will have any control over their own affairs, this can be clearly seen now, by anyone caring to look at the same rules and controls which maintain everywhere in the Western world.

These Isles are special. As a Union our defence is strong and that must change in the New Global Order (NGO!).

As some of our Scottish Brothers and Sisters wave goodbye in a carefully structured vote, it might be good to bear in mind that the devil you do not yet fully know will surely control you out of all existence.