Order Then, Order Now

The world has now grown and Nations are joined under UN governance. It is interesting to note that these societal changes towards total control by the State were put into place in the run up to the Second World War.

Then - 1930s

Work in Nazi Germany was shaped and defined by fascist ideology and its fixation with order, constituting a hierarchy and subservience to the State but which was termed, a 'service'. 

Children were taken by the SS (Protection Squadron) and placed in special temporary camps of the health department, or Lebensborn,  having been taken from their parents for indoctrination, amongst other things. 

Trade unions, abolished in 1933, were replaced by the gigantic State-run union, the DAF. At this time each employee was required to keep a workbook which listed their skills, their previous occupations and; if an unhappy, questioning or protesting worker left the job, the employer retained their workbook. This made obtaining another post elsewhere almost impossible, as the conditions under which he left would remain on record and of course, without a job history he/she was an unemployable. 

Longer working hours and employment controls in the Third Reich were implemented, however, many were grateful for job security in times of austerity post-1928. 

Even with economic recovery under the Nazi regime, the standard of living remained low, the higher the status in hierarchy, the higher the pay and perks. 

With workers losing most of their freedoms and rights over pay and conditions which were State regulated, 'Beauty of Work' was  organised and funded by the DAF, it created a community illusion of health and happiness among workers, who swallowed the propaganda put out regarding what good works their leaders were doing, that it was of great benefit to all those who mattered, those employed within the State system, under State regulation, regardless of who they worked for. 

Another propaganda tool was 'Strength through Happiness, or Joy' (KDF) which was a scheme established for the workforce by DAF, it was a State-run company providing budget holidays and after-work activities, basically keeping the working community together in a 'big society'.

By 1932, 254,000 volunteers had been put to work, labour service, rural aid and labour conscription were introduced, which did not allow free choice of occupation or position, these were managed by the 'job centres'. 

Despite economic recovery, real wages never rose to what they had been in 1928. Taxes were high; the cost of many consumer goods such as clothing and beer increased… on the other hand, workers were not cast into a condition of deprivation. To some extent, workers were pacified by what the Nazi state did provide...” Joseph Bendersky, historian.

And Now 2014

There are currently around 25,000 childrens' social workers (sw) employed, with 17 children allotted to each full-time sw, we may presume that both these estimates are conservative. This is just one of the many State 'services' now speedily being integrated into 'One'. Adult services are posed to become integrated with childrens' services soon under the auspices of 'Protection'.

'Hard choices', so-termed to excuse all corporate-led contractual transgressions, sometimes cruel and heartless choices for the greater good of the corporate State are made in the workplace which decimate innocent families and children. Misdeeds are similarly explained away, forgotten or collectively justified at State worker parties where partner agencies mingle and drink, sometimes to excess and; seminars, days away to placate any vestige of conscience in the otherwise gangland-style daily workload. 

Community interests run by corporate partners, like fitness clubs, are encouraged to ensure that no worker deviates too far towards any of their own personal interests.

“Childhood shapes who we become”, a NSPCC website quote!

Nobody Listens

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) is a national organisation which delivers workforce planning advice across England. It is part of Mouchel Group PLC, formed following a review of the future of the NHS workforce. It highlights need for better quality workforce planning across the health and social care system. Such quality presently comes via leadership training circles. 

More circles of Data collection, retention and employee data-sharing safeguards the State from the threat of harm from whistle-blowers, or those who might report wrongdoing, while the integrating process is 'going forward'!. 

If an employee does not like what he/she is doing, or objects to noticed malpractice within the workplace, there is no guarantee of another job if they quit or are blacklisted as a troublemaker and they are continually monitored. Anything can be added to or omitted from a worker's record, they will not know unless they apply for Subject Access Requests (SAR). Any falsified, exaggerated, inaccurate or malicious data which has been added to a person's record as 'opinion' by someone in authority with a grudge, stays, it can only be removed by a complaints process which is so slow, with so little guarantee of success, that loss of work and access to justice will soon drive people to despair. It seems that no-one is listening, when in actual fact leaders are trained to ignore the ignorant masses. There is nothing in place which will halt the progress of the State crusher, nothing which affords protection to the people themselves once they are targeted by that State.

The Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) while sympathetic and helpful, can nudge, but cannot enforce any regulation to remove false data. The only force in place is the force used against the people. State workers are protected by the multi-agency, 'pass the buck and take forever complaints procedure', therefore it is plain to see how abuse of process – and human commodities, people, can be abused.

In the ideal fascist society, the needs of World Leaders and the set Agenda are paramount; there is little or no concern for the petty interests or rights of individuals unless it fits that very Agenda. Consequently there is no support for, or even interest in concepts like fair pay, real trade unions or workers’ rights and freedoms. Rather than protection for the people, the State by its very order, is secure from interference form the public.

People are sectioned, cut off, – or regionalised, disconnected.  Any kind of union is brought under State control by funding and grants from Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) which work together under the cover of charity and humanitarian needs, while giving the impression of being separate entities. In the shadows they are all One. Human rights and redress take time, but time is not on our side.

Social networking gives the State all the information it needs to judge the public mood. When the opportunity, in reaction to a problem, brings the need for a solution, then more regulation under fear is at the ready and injected into the system. This goes on until such a time as the fear is so ingrained and palpable, that there will no longer be a need to consult social network sites, other than to identify dissident thinkers.

The State 'worker' is totally unaware that they are each a trained governmental enforcement tool, be it health worker, social worker, care worker or community worker. The label, after relevant and intensive training, conveys on each of those individual 'leaders' the imbedded belief that they have power and authority over the minions and ignorant masses, which they do not! They are leading beyond an authority which is assumed and propounded by fear! These State workers are increasing in number daily.

As more 'workers' are indoctrinated to believe in their powerful self-worth under State commitment and instruction, it will become increasingly difficult for the common man and woman to keep faith in themselves and to remember that we are all equal under the law. The problem will be, finding a loophole to access that equality – but we must keep learning and keep trying, for the sake of our children and theirs.