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No-one Should Pick And Choose Human Rights

The Liberal Democrats are running a petition calling for the Conservative Party to be stopped from repealing the Human Rights Act, the legislation which infringes on every British inhabitant’s God given inalienable rights under the Rule of Law.

To advertise their campaign, they tweeted out the following graphic late yesterday:

The Tories, they say, should not "pick and choose" human rights. I agree, and yet the irony in this statement can’t be missed.

The whole notion of human rights is exactly that: pick and choose. Human Rights legislation begins with a blank sheet of paper. Some humans - what shall we call them - a group? A clique? A cabal? Anyway, some humans get together and pick and choose what should go on that blank piece of paper. 

Once complete, they have a list of human rights; yours and mine.

You may feel that you have a right to do something not included on that piece of paper. But you don’t.

That something, you see, wasn’t picked. It wasn’t chosen.

I say, let the Tories abolish human rights in this country. They're dangerous. I prefer my God given rights, thank you very much.