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A Letter To Rory Stewart

Questions for Mr R. Stewart MP Penrith & Borders

The following letter was sent yesterday by one of Mr Stewart's constituents:

Dear Mr Stewart.

Political traitors, such as Heath and Asquith walked freely till the day they died, and more recent traitors, such as  Hurd, Cameron, Blair, Brown, etc. are still walking freely along the streets of England, unpunished for the hideous crimes they have indulged in.

Despite these individuals, and many, many others committing the most serious crime imaginable, High Treason, they remain, to date, unpunished.

Despite overwhelming evidence, the Police and other elements are willing to ignore these crimes.

English history is clear to read and the Law of England, English Common Law and the English Constitution is unequivocal. These criminals MUST be arrested, brought to trial and if found guilty, severely punished. The punishment for such a crime is death; to be hung by the neck until dead!

You may be interested to know, because recent evidence suggests that despite a very privileged education, your knowledge of English history is perhaps selective, that Her Majesty has the right to replace hanging  to a fully public hang draw and quartering with the recipients heads displayed on spikes along London Bridge. Re: Prerogatives of the King Sir Mathew Hale.

You recently told me that "we" have no written Constitution. That is an indication of the fact that your education on this point is sadly lacking.  Our Constitution is written, just not in one document. You have demonstrated your ignorance of the laws of this country by this comment. However as any Police Constable will tell you, ignorance of the law is no excuse. By demonstrating your ignorance on this subject, you have demonstrated your unsuitability to be a member of Parliament. Sir Mathew Hale and before him Sir Edward Coke both complained that those who make our laws are largely ignorant of the restraints the law puts upon their law making ability which is why they make such bad law.  The Parliament in which you sit is producing the worst laws ever imposed upon a long suffering English public. But I would remind you, history tells us we do not suffer quietly for ever, we will fight to defend our rights. There is strong evidence to suggest there are many prepared to do so!.

For now I wish YOU to answer these questions. I am not asking you, I am demanding, and you as a Servant of the people WILL comply!

1. If George Osborne attended the June Bilderberg Conference in an official capacity, why does the Official Bilderberg site say that ALL participants attend in a private capacity?

2. You have stated that you attended the Bilderberg Conference in a  private capacity. I have to say, I find the attendance of the conference by a very junior insignificant back bencher at Bilderberg as rather, well lets say odd! You are Mr Stewart and I am being factual here, a political pygmy.  I ask myself why is it that YOU were invited? Could it be that the political elite have some covert plan for you? Well the evidence we have is that they certainly do! Recently obtained internal and highly confidential documents from the heart of No 10 would suggest that indeed you and others are here to conduct a very important task for the elitists who are indeed destroying my country!

My question. Why did you attend The Bilderberg Conference, and what did you discuss?

3. Recently you advised your constituency that you attended a meeting in Washington  with the USA Government. Again I ask what is a political micron doing in attending meetings with the USA Government? Why were you there, what was your mission, what did you discuss?

4. I noted from your recent expenses claims, that you filed a claim for constituency work on the same day the Bilderberg Conference commenced. Now, I have on record that you attended the full Conference. To conduct Constituency business the morning before the Conference started would not be impossible, but just to alleviate my concerns, would you be so kind to explain fully the circumstances of this claim?

Yours sincerely,

Mr N L Green