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Behavioural Change in a Common Purpose

Do we know right from wrong? Or do we need to have our brains re-framed to a common belief system of change, "Going forward"?

By the method of hundreds of thousands of training schemes, compulsory, advised or recommended, we are told we have rid ourselves of a flawed personality, trauma, racist or hateful outlooks and wrong opinions through Life-coaching and Diversity courses, some of which are mandatory. Many people are now obliged to undertake brain-washing to keep their positions by already brain-washed change agents, who can bully and facilitate using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), sometimes by the worst methods and for the worst possible reasons. The outcome being change for change's sake to a specific agenda.

The results of such training may bring about the loss of our own personal judgement, our compassion and ability to empathise, leaving our brain capability in a suspended state of not being able to form our own moral opinion, but to focus on programmed lines which have been planted in a dedicated strategy of behavioural change, a blinkered silo.

Can the lucrative mind-changing industry possibly deny that this may be so, do they have evidence to refute it? Consider that the Cabinet Office's 'Nudge' programme is not only real - it has been running for several years with funding running into the £ millions - and it is so effective the applied behavioural technology has been sold to the US and Australia.  Does it work? Well, the government's own 'Mindspace' document says that people will be changed but not aware of the fact, or they might realise they are changed but now how they have been changed.

Is our language to be reduced to a few commonly mantra'd phrases as in George Orwell's 1984 and are we only to believe that implanted thoughts are the correct ones, that the normalities of life do not exist, that perversion and corruption are the only norm, 'going forward'?

If this training transformation was isolated it would not have much effect on society, but it is extremely widespread; it is a widespread Common Purpose.

If we find all this difficult to believe, we only have to look for ourselves before our minds are changed, we, the fortunate few and; ask why, out of the now millions of training courses across the world, by many and varied companies and facilitators, the outcome of change is always in the same direction, without deviation - or is that with deviation?