Age of Consent

Several people have contacted me recently over Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton's call for the age of conscent to be lowered to 15. He argues that this will draw a line in the sand for youngsters who are having sex at 14 or 15 anyway. It will also make it easier for them to get sexual 'health' advice. The call, whether Ashton realises it or not, is another step on the  'salami' slice of old... to the 'normalisation' of paedophilia in society. Age 15 today, age 12 in two years, 9 in five years.

This is the real objective of this perverted government, demonstrated by its blatant protection of top level paedophiles as seen by the Savile BBC scandal and the refusal by police to investigate Cyril Smith MP and the other top level paedophiles who visited Elm House in London to abuse boys. The constant sexual grooming of increasingly young children in schools by an increasing bombardment of increasingly explicit and perverted sex 'education' is another clue to what is really going on.

David Cameron is against it all? Wasn't Cameron's Tory leadership campaign funded by ex arms dealer Zabludowicz, whose wife ran an art exhibition featuring Jesus Christ with an erection? Has Cameron taken action against the paedophiles on his doorstep at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College? And then we have Cameron's Common Purpose (via the Media Standards Trust) promoting people of highly questionable morality to campaign for control of the press. Hugh Grant (prostitute) Max Moseley(orgy) Chris Bryant MP(underwear photos). Are these really the values we need?

Why should the hidden State want to promote paedophilia? Because paedophilia is the means by which the real government, the Establishment, can control people utterly. It is also the means by which normal family life, norms and values can be utterly destroyed. But why would anyone do this? Because when we have no morality and anything and everything goes we have entered satanic law...'do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' and the ensuing chaos will allow us to be controlled as if we were animals. I make no apology for being blunt.