Comment // Economy

1984 in the 21st Century


Numerous articles in today’s mainstream media elude to the fact that we are fast slipping into a tightly controlled fascist existence very similar to George Orwell’s nightmarish 1984.

Whether it be village cricketers being banned from playing on greens that have been used for 37 years, or gardens being confiscated by overbearing councils, it must be coming clear to most that the Health and Safety Brigade represent a very real threat to our culture and family lives, as they change the face of what it once was to be British.

If they are not altering our lives and smothering us in cotton wool, they are snooping behind our backs, watching and scrutinizing our every move, and if we want to cry out about it, or we catch their boney fingers in the cookie jar, then our Government acts fast to make sure that the general public will not cotton on.

But really, if we are to look at the real victims of this incredibly insane culture that is growing up around us, then we only have to look to our children. Our children’s safety is the bait being used to introduce health and safety madness, as playing fields and areas are being closed off and ripped up. Education is being dumbed down, with austerity being blamed for the reduction of education as well as the foreshortening of funds available for schools and their facilities. Our children are being bombarded with sexual content in schools and on the internet, which is undeniably encouraging children to experiment at ever younger ages, and with the same sex, the result being the feminising of men; in line with UN agenda 21 policy to reduce world population. 

In a corporate world, our children are being encouraged to worship fictions and celebrities, as they are fed a diet of Celebrity Gossip and Gangster Rap. The damage that this will have on the future of our culture has yet to be seen, as our children no longer aspire to work in a productive manner that serves our fellow Man, but instead seek to become pop stars and footballers. Of course, the mind numbing hollywood diatribe that they feed upon reinforces the notion that we need a hero, or a leader, and that that person must somehow be more special than everyone else; i.e not the viewer.

But then who could blame our children for fantasizing about being rich and famous, when all they see around them is an increasingly impoverished society, with unemployment rocketing, banks foreclosing on mortgages, and a high street filled with off-licenses, betting shops and money lenders. And what would they have to look forward to in the year 2020? No pension? A society where one must work until they drop, in order to serve the paymasters that robbed them of their future in the first place? Or of course the prosperous vocation of serving coffee in Starbucks and Burgers in McDonald’s.

Todays media has certainly painted a terrible picture. But this is not a picture of the future. This is the picture of today. This is a picture that we have all helped paint, and together we must clear the canvas and start again. And we must all help do this.

What awaits us is a world of abundance, a world that can create whatever it needs without raping the planet of it’s beauty. Again, this is not some pipe dream that exists in the future, the technology exists today. With the use of 3D printers, we could ensure that every house has the basic tools and commodities that is needed. An abundance of such commodities would vastly reduce crime rates, since a great proportion of crime is borne from scarcity. 

With the use of the Bradbury Pound we can have an abundance of currency, that would enable us to limit our society only by imagination, and resources that are genuinely rare (of which there are few). With only these two tools, the 3D printer and Bradbury Pound, we could change the face of society as we know it. That’s just two ideas that exist today. Imagine what we will be able to do tomorrow.

Many of us seem to believe that what stands between us and a bright future is a small criminal cabal that has somehow managed to persuade us that these few thousand criminals are more powerful than the billions that they supposedly control. Really, what stands between us and a bright future, for both us and our children, is our pessimism and apathy, for once we have overcome this, the few really have no power to stop the many.