Wikipedia Exposed As Part Of Climategate Scandal

Wikipedia, the notorious online encyclopedia, which features the likes of Chip Berlet among its "editors," has been caught in the center of the climategate swindle. According to a report by Lawrence Solomon published in the National Post of Canada, a Wikipedia editor and UK Green Party activist named William Connolley, doctored literally thousands of entries, to conceal the fact that, during the Medieval period, there was a global warming spell, following the Little Ice Age. The fact of this Medieval Warm Period exposes the lie about man-caused global warming, the chief argument for radical population reduction and deindustrialization.

Beginning in Feb. 2003, Connolley began rewriting or editing posted entries refuting the global warming lies. According to Solomon:

All told, Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles. His control over Wikipedia was greater still, nowever, through the role he obtained at Wikipedia as a website administrator, which allowed him to act with virtual impunity. When Connolley didn't like the subject of a certain article, he removed it--more than 500 articles of various descriptions disappeared at his hand. When he disapproved of the arguments that others were making, he often had them barred--over 2,000 Wikipedia contributors who ran afoul of him found themselves blocked from making further contributions.

The Medieval Warm Period ran from 1000-1400 AD, and the warming resulted in a flourishing of agriculture, increased life expectancy and other benefits, according to the historical record cited by Solomon. Many of the email messages that surfaced from East Anglia University discussed the "problem" with the Medieval Warm Period, which "diluted the message" of the climate change fanatics. The IPCC report codified the banning of any mention of the Medieval Warm Period, by producing the so-called "hockey stick" graph, which blacked out the 400-year period of global warming, claiming a constant temperature for 1,000 years, leading into the industrial age when things heated up due to evil industrialization and other ills of modern society. According to Solomon's account, a rapid-reaction team was established to kill off all criticism of the global warming hoax, centered around a website called Connolley was one of the nine members of this group, and he used Wikipedia as a major base for their Big Lie campaign.