Why are we vaccinating children?

In September 2021,England's chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, said there were "no plans" to vaccinate children under 12.

He told a Downing Street press conference:

We certainly have no plans at the moment to re-examine this.

Yet, on 4 April 2022, the NHS announced that it would start vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 that same day, “as the biggest and most successful vaccination drive in health service history moves to the next phase”.

In August 2022, the FDA authorised the vaccines for American children aged six months to 5 years.

Is that where we are going?

Any debate around vaccinations must surely address the following questions:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they effective?
  • Are they necessary?

We shall leave the rhetorical question as to whether it is moral and ethical to inject a child in order to save an adult to another day.

Instead, let’s look at what the decision-makers said, and then go on to look at the evidence.


The policy pushers

The Northern Ireland Public Health Agency (PHA) wrote recently to all parents of primary school children:

Vaccination can reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection both for your child and those around them.

In England, Dr Nikki Kanani, Deputy Lead for the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme, in launching the programme, said: 

Local vaccine sites are making it as easy as possible for families, and a less daunting experience for youngsters, by offering things like games and therapy dogs, and it’s great to see lots of 5 to 11s already booked in.

The vaccine is safe and effective.

In promoting the CDC’s recommendation in the USA, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Ashish Jha, stated that the vaccination for children aged six months to 5 years was “exceedingly safe and effective and thoroughly tested”.


The pushback

But there are contradictory voices.

In responding, Dr Jeffrey Barke, the Chief Medical Officer for the Convention of States, stated, “This is simply not true,” and that to recommend this product (the vaccine) for six-month-old children “makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

He also stated that the CDC’s own records show that no healthy child has died from Covid in the USA:

Healthy children do not die from this illness, so it doesn’t make sense to authorise it under emergency authorization for kids under 18, let alone six months.

He added that these are products for which “there have been no long-term safety studies.”

Dr Tess Lawrie, previously interviewed by UK Column, is Chair of the World Health Council and makes her position quite clear, as quoted by John Bowe in a debate chaired by Mark Dolan on Covid-19 vaccine safety:

There is a mountain of evidence—including the testimony  from those harmed by it—[that] these injections are not fit for purpose; they do not work; they are not safe; they systematically destroy our immune system; and they contain secret ingredients that have not been disclosed to the public.

These doctors clearly do not believe the vaccines are safe, effective and necessary. This article explores the evidence for these statements, beginning with the core question.


Is it necessary to vaccinate the children at all?

Are children at risk from Covid-19?

Here in Northern Ireland, the aforementioned PHA letter to parents states that the vaccine can reduce the risk of Covid to children and those around them.

That leaves something unaddressed. What is the Covid risk to children without vaccination?

According to Professor Norman Fenton, a world leading expert on risk assessment and statistics with the University of London whom UK Column has now interviewed twice, “no healthy children died in the UK in 2020”. Of the eight children who did die, seven had life-threatening conditions and the remaining one had a very serious condition. Fenton concludes: “And yet they are wanting to push these vaccines, with all the known adverse effects—it’s incomprehensible.”

Whilst every death is tragic, Britain's official statistical body, the ONS, reports that only two children under 18 died from Covid during 2021.

In Scotland, no healthy person under the age of 19 has died of Covid.

In Northern Ireland, no healthy child has died of Covid.

In the US, analysis of the FDA’s data shows that the risk of any child dying of Covid-19 is 0.000015.

A study by the universities of Leeds and Leicester found that there had been no deaths of healthy children in the US:

It is not possible to say that any of the deaths were as a direct result of COVID-19, merely that these children had a COVID-19 positive test prior to or during their PIC admission or at post-mortem.

That statistic is confirmed by Dr Jessica Rose, who says that “zero healthy children have died in the USA”. She calls the Covid vaccines “needless, harmful and ineffective” for children.

The Canadian Health Alliance reports that no healthy child under 19 has died in Canada and adds:

Without a serious pre-existing medical condition, the risk of death is statistically zero.

Martin Kuldorff reports that no healthy children have died of Covid in Iceland.

In Sweden, there have been zero Covid deaths of children under 16.

In Germany, in children aged 5–11 with no co-morbidities, case fatality could not be calculated, "due to an absence of cases".


So much for the risk to children. What about the profile of Covid?

Professor Carl Heneghan of Oxford's Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, who carried out an analysis with statistician Jason Oke, said:

Now we are looking at an infection fatality rate for Covid of around one in 3,000, which is comparable with seasonal influenza.

His words were echoed by Prof Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, the former deputy chief medical officer for England, who stated:

In terms of its lethality, the picture now is much, much, much closer to seasonal flu than it was when [Covid] first emerged.


And what about the rationale of vaccinating children “to protect those around them”?

“They aren’t taking it home and then transferring it to the community. These kids have very little capacity to infect household members,” according to a study led by Public Health England epidemiologist Shamez Ladhani.

Professor Mark Woolhouse, a member of SAGE, agreed in August 2020:

There are thousands and thousands of transmission events that have been inferred [from contact tracing] — out of all those thousands, still we can’t find a single one involving a child transmitting to a teacher in a classroom.

The British Medical Journal has also confirmed that teachers are no more affected by Covid than the general public.

The Canadian Health Alliance has reported that children do not pass the disease to teachers, parents, grandparents, or other adults; they rarely pass it to other children in the same classroom; they catch Covid from adults; and there is no difference in transmission between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. The CHA went on to state that in trials, none of the Covid “vaccines” has been shown to stop transmission.

The evidence is overwhelming: children are not at risk of Covid, and others around them are not at risk, either.

Let us move on to the second question.


Is it effective?

The Brownstone Institute states:

There is a mountain of medical literature available demonstrating quite clearly the failure of these vaccines to prevent infection and transmission. The August 5th declaration from the CDC Director should have made clear that being vaccinated is contributing in no way to the safety of others, nor to the eradication of this virus.

Let us consider some of that “mountain of medical literature”.

According to UK JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) data, two million children would need to be jabbed, twice, to prevent one child being admitted to intensive care with Covid.

In Denmark, Søren Brostrøm, Director-General of the Health Authority, said that it was a mistake to vaccinate children in a broad programme, given the knowledge that has accumulated since late 2021:

Studies on the effects of the vaccines have shown that they confer little protection against infection from the virus.

And CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said:

What [COVID vaccines] can't do any more is prevent transmission.

Prominent physician Vinny Prassad MD adds his voice:

“We do not have evidence that vaccination improves any health outcome for [children], and we certainly don’t have the evidence that it prevents hospitalization serious illness in those kids.”

And Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, stated:

Research shows that there is no benefit to children receiving a COVID shot, and in fact, the shots can cause potential harm, adverse effects and death. According to Pfizer’s own study trial data, the chance of death in children from the shot is 107 times higher than death from COVID.

Far from Covid vaccines being effective as the CDC confirms, there are actually more Covid cases in children who got two shots than in those who got none.

Worse still, according to research conducted by the New York State Department of Health, “COVID shots’ dismal effectiveness wanes rapidly”. They have been found to have “dismally low effectiveness rates of 12%.

And, according to international research reported by Swiss Policy Research:

The fact that current covid vaccines provide only short-term, rapidly waning protection against infection and transmission means that covid vaccines do not contribute to infection control, neither at the individual level nor at the population level.

This also means that so-called vaccine passports” are epidemiologically inappropriate or even counter­productive. The SPR write-up continues:

Vaccine study data reviewed above suggested that since omicron, protection against infection starts at 50% and drops to zero within a few months [...]

This is likely because of several factors: first, vaccination simply cannot limit transmission [...].


Addressing the question of effectiveness, the Florida Surgeon General, Dr Joseph Ladapo, posed the following questions on 19 June 2022.

Did the COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids <5 show a reduction in severe illness? Did the trials show a benefit for those with a prior COVID-19 infection? Is there a benefit for kids with no pre-existing conditions?

Lapado answered those questions as follows:

From what I have seen, there is just insufficient data to inform benefits and risk in children. I think that’s very unequivocal.

There is indeed a mountain of evidence opening to question the vaccines’ efficacy.

We have one more question to address.


Are they safe?

In the US, there are 1,301,356 adverse effects reported on VAERS, the CDC ‘s own recording system.

According to Physicians for Informed Consent, reporting Pfizer's own research, in the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial, one in nine adolescents suffered severe adverse reactions to their vaccine.

Dr Rose’s aforementioned research showed a nineteenfold increase in myocarditis in the 12–15 age group within eight weeks of being vaccinated. She also stated that there is no scientific evidence to justify the “safe and effective” mantra.

And with reference to the vaccine safety trial, the HART Group has this to say:

Overall, there was no reduction in covid. Safety was only monitored for 6 weeks. It is unbelievable that this study ever achieved ethical approval given the lack of long-term safety data with these novel treatments in an age group that is at no risk of serious disease or death. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted unanimously to recommend the products for emergency use authorisation. This is a designation used to prevent serious injury or death — how can they claim it is any way relevant to children under 5 years of age?

The Daily Telegraph has reported: “Children have a 6 times higher chance of being hospitalised due to heart issues than from Covid.”

Eric Rubin, a member of the FDA panel which decided to allow the vaccination of children to go ahead, said:

We're never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.

Do you find this reassuring?

In the UK, Dr Ros Jones, a retired NHS consultant paediatrician, put the same issue to Professor Andrew Pollard, Chair of the JCVI, and was told:

We don’t know it’s safe. That’s why we are doing the trial.

Do you find this reassuring?

Esteemed cardiologist Dr Assem Molhatra says:

86% of the regulators' funding comes from the drug industry.

Do you find this reassuring?

Once again, this time in the domain of safety, a mountain of evidence puts in doubt what we have been told by policy pushers.

The US Government pre-ordered millions of Covid vaccines, and the UK has entered into an agreement with Moderna for future vaccine production.


What do the experts say?

A vast array of the world’s leading specialists are opposed to the Covid vaccination of children, yet their views are ignored—by decision-makers, but not by the public. The language used by these moderate men is striking.

The list includes the inventor of the technology used, Dr Robert Malone: he calls it "the largest experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world”.

"I think this is really an important mistake," warns Professor Jean-Michel Claverie, an internationally renowned virologist and genomics specialist, university professor and hospital practitioner emeritus. He speaks of “disastrous consequences for our children”.

Dr Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist, says:

One is more likely to die after the vaccine than [if they] just take their choice with foregoing the vaccine and potentially getting COVID-19. Statistically, in every age group, that’s the case. This is true especially for children

He goes on to state:

The vaccines at this point in time have amounted to record mortality and injury and should be considered unsafe and unfit for human use. The failed mass Covid-19 vaccination programme will go down as one of the most deadly in history. The data demands relentless, and unbreakable resistance to vaccination of children.

He is not alone. "Children should not get vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19," according to Harvard University professor of medicine Martin Kulldorff. He has said this on video.

Other leading experts state the following:

The vaccination of children is something that is so criminal that I have no words to express my horror […] We are horribly worried that there’s going to be an impact on fertility. And this is potentially one of the greatest crimes, simply one of the greatest crimes imaginable.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor of Medicine, Mainz University (retired)

The late Dr Luc Montagnier, expert virologist and Nobel laureate, said:

We’re in unknown territory and proclaim mandatory vaccines for everyone. It’s insanity. It’s vaccination insanity that I absolutely condemn. Widespread vaccination of children could have horrific generational consequences; the messenger RNA may result in disastrous consequences.



So Covid vaccines don’t work, there are serious questions about their safety, and they are not necessary for children.

Surely, the weight of independent evidence here is enough to expect the powers that be to pause and reflect. There is tremendous public anxiety regarding this push, and elected officials should take cognisance of it. Parents, too, must now assume responsibility for establishing the facts, and take action accordingly.

As the Christian theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer maintained:

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.

 It is time to put the children first rather than suffer “the insufferable arrogance of the constantly wrong”.