A Vision Of Britain In 2030

The following narrative might possibly be one extracted from a future individual's diary.

It provides us with a chilling snapshot of a potential future from the perspective of an inhabitant of Britain in 20 years time.

The Internet is the only form of learning via the written word. All books and hardcopy documents were destroyed in the Reformation of Learning (2010-2015). No information can be published on the Internet prior to approval by the Ministry of Enlightenment. There is no written or pictorial record of human history prior to the period of Mind Cleansing. TescoSainsbury™ Regional Government Assemblies provide Internet access points but you must present your IdCards for access.

The Religious Worship Surveillance & Monitoring Authority who introduced their ‘snitch on a worshipper’ hotline in 2010 has been wound up as a complete success. It was swiftly replaced by the Ministry of Intangible Beliefs, which has responsibility for the design, building and maintenance of all statues of False Prophets.

Meal-pills™ ’developed by Science~International, to provide all human dietary needs and replace the old fashioned religious ritual of meat / vegetable eating, had been leading to bowel spasm discomfort. The Ministry of Diet, Nutrition and Exercise have introduced a new bulking agent to aid digestion. In 2015 Scientific research had provided irrefutable evidence that agri-chemicals were posing an extreme health hazard in food production and old fashioned meals were banned under Directive 10743/2015.

In 2020 the Ministry of Thought & Entertainment, which provided weekly performances on village greens as a Big Society ‘pilot study’ into the encouragement of individual thought and independent decision-making was cancelled due to poor attendance. Citizens were unable to find their way there. Its replacement, The Ministry of Work Simulation Therapies (Formerly Health & Safety) now issues all citizens with a new mandatory programme. The Manual containing ‘Templates of all Daily Activities’ ensures citizen’s safety during daily life – and task deviation is immediately detected and appropriately corrected by the Home~Surveillance Network operators.

The last diary entry was on 15th October 2030. It read –

The Idle Rumours Council, a sub-division of the Ministry of Enlightenment has issued an Internet rebuttal that an early ancestor of ‘New Era Man’ had been discovered. A rebel UK Column archeologist has claimed to have discovered evidence of an ancient tribe of ‘fire-breathers’ – ‘Marlboro Man’. The IRC spokesman stated – "We can guarantee that there is absolutely no TRUTH whatsoever in this claim”.

This isn’t TRUE. Grandad told me they weren’t ‘fire-breathers’ – they were ‘smokers’.

Hastily scribbled in pencil were the faint words - [Sound of sirens wailing followed by Loud KNOCK at the DOOR]'.

There were no further diary entries.

In the event that good men and women simply watch and do nothing today could this possibly be what our children and grandchildren can expect in the future?