UN Sustainability - Coming To A Town Near You

David Cameron has attacked those in the countryside, who oppose the Government’s new planning laws, by suggesting that such opposition is killing off young people’s chances of owning a home as well as sidelining the country’s best interests. 

Reform is certainly a buzz word within Government at the moment, without any real explanation as to what we are re-forming to. Similarly, in Cameron's address to the media, there was no full explanation as to whether the new homes were specifically aimed at supplying much needed housing to those who claim residency here, or for the numbers expected to emigrate from Europe.

‘Planning reform is important,' said David Cameron, 'It’s important that we build more houses because the average age of the first-time buyer has crept into the 30s, and I believe in a socially mobile society where people can achieve their dream of home ownership.’

Despite the Government’s introduction of ‘localism’, a tool of Sustainability, campaigners have claimed that local people are no longer able to block any plans for new houses to be built on greenfield land. However, it was, in fact, the Government’s introduction of ‘Sustainable Development’ that has allowed property developers to ignore sites that have already been developed on, paving the way for them to build on greenfield areas. 

The reason for Cameron’s address was to respond to a report published by 41 organisations who claim that the government is failing to deliver nearly a third of its natural environment commitments, including a failure to protect the greenbelt, farm animal welfare and reversing the decline in wildlife.

The language used by the 41 organisations has piqued the interest of some who pay attention to global policies, most notably the UN’s Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development policy of which includes the objective to reduce rural areas to wilderness.

But how could it be possible that both the environmental report and David Cameron’s claim, that we must build more, both be spun from the same spider? 

Within the UN’s Sustainable Policy, which Britain has adopted, we find the objective to remove private ownership, whilst at the same time we also find the objective to re-wild the countryside (since the UN envisions that most of the people in the world will be living in cities by 2050).

With many, in and out of mainstream, believing that the sharp rise in new builds will generate another housing bubble, which will see more people lose their homes to their bank, there are also those that will remember that the Government this year pledged to turn new-builds, that are not sold, into Government housing - i.e not private - presumably for all the young people who can’t afford to buy their own home.

But if we are left hanging as to how the environmental report falls into the UN’s web of deceit we only have to look at the poll that was published, by the group, in today’s mainstream news which claimed that 83% of people polled said that the Environment should be protected at all costs. 

As more people move into the proposed housing, it remains to be seen just how aggressive the abandoned countryside will be protected.