The Third Rail

It is now two weeks into the Israeli war on the people of Gaza.

1000 Palestinian men, women and children, and no doubt some leaders of the militant group Hamas are dead, as compared with a handful of Israelis, some broken fences and flower pots in Israel.

While I do not normally like to comment or be drawn into the debate about the "Palestinian issue," the brazen, wanton, criminal atrocities that are being committed in this sick business are simply too heinous to be ignored.

Firstly, we have reports of White Phosphorous being used in civilian areas to "flush out terrorists", which following the fine example set by their leading supporter and amazingly gracious champion, George "retard" Bush Jnr, is officially a war crime. But what does the UN do about it, a big fat, US/Israel sponsored nothing!

We have all heard, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, about the terrible suffering of the Jews in WW2, and there is no question but that a people thus oppressed will return to fight fire with fire, but I simply cannot understand how murdering innocent women and children for the "crime" of voting for Hamas is somehow justified in the twisted logic of perpetual Jewish self pity. How is it that these myopic people simply do not understand that they are laying the seeds of their own self destruction by such acts of unrepentant aggression against their defenseless neighbours?

And, on a deeper level, what is it about the Israeli national character, the "siege mentality," that violence and murder against civilian populations can be pursued with such inhumane and calculated precision? How can a culture that produced Jesus Christ be so immune to the cries of the dead, maimed and dying, in the prison camp they have created of what remains of the country they annexed from the Palestinians so long ago?

Well, one possible answer is to be found in the secret Jewish law/doctrine of the Talmud, which itself is every bit as racist and anti-human as anything written by their most recent nemesis and persecutor, Adolph Hitler. Quite clearly, not all Jews, both within the global extended diaspora, and within Israel itself, subscribe to such ideas, or indeed support this current, self destructive madness. But what does it say of us, the formerly "free west" that we have permitted the penetration, infiltration and virtual takeover of our formerly "Christian" national political systems by adherents of such racist and supremacist ideologies. Have we become so blind that we cannot see the enemy in our midst?

But leaving aside such complex cultural, religious and historical factors for now to focus on the strategic picture, it is clear that on this occasion, the inherent instinct for self preservation against all opposition or rationality has forced the Israeli leadership into a disastrous course of action that will lead to incalculable consequences if peace is not restored in very short order.

Even now, there are reports of Israeli troops massing on the border with Lebanon. Any such expansion of the conflict beyond Gaza can only be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to draw other regional powers into a growing and unstoppable conflagration. As such, the timing of these operations can no longer be considered to be accidental. With the change in government underway in the United States, forces are now in motion that are determined to force the hand of the incoming President Obama to guarantee that no alternative to a 100 years war between the "Western" powers and those of the "East", vectored on a vicious and perpetual religious and sectarian conflict in the world's major oil patch, were ensured. If there were any serious doubt or skepticism as to the truth of this statement, I refer you to the following blatant statement on the subject by the London Economist, the leading mouthpiece for the City of London financial oligarchy.

I will leave our readers to ponder these issues by way of a reminder from history, the following article by none other thanWinston S Churchill, a perspective which we neglect at our direst peril.

Has it not always been the policy of the British Empire to (divide and) rule the world by such nefarious means?

Is not the existential threat to that Empire implied by the ongoing collapse of the extant global financial and monetary system the hair trigger upon which mortal conflict is assured?

Are we, but more importantly, the Israelis themselves, so foolish as to forget the lessons of two world wars, as the flames leap higher?