These Are The Issues On The Agenda

Who could have missed the MPs expenses "scandal." Anyone who believes that the details of MPs receipts were leaked to the Telegraph by a someone with any sense of duty is nuts. This is classic "problem-reaction-solution." The problem of corruption within Parliament has been clear for years, the reaction systematically exaggerated by every single news bulletin for the last month. So it was only a matter of time before the "solution" would be out in the open.

That solution was announced on Sunday's interview with Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr Show, on BBC1. Brown made it absolutely clear that the target is the British Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights.

Brown said, "Hold on. Let's see what the big constitutional issue is. What people are worried about is the disengagement between the public and those people who are in power. So parliament has got - and the executive - have got to be more accountable to the people, and the rights of people have got to be better protected than they are at the moment.

Now how do you do that? It's quite major and surgical constitutional change that is necessary. And I started this process two years ago, I think you would admit, when I proposed a major constitutional reform. We took powers away from the executive. We gave them frankly to parliament. Parliament has now proved that it has got to be better at representing the public. So I'm looking at the Bill of Rights. We're looking at whether there's a case for a written constitution.

I'm looking at the case for votes at 16. I'm looking for the case for extending freedom of information. The House of Lords cannot stay in its present form. And all these issues which would come to making - and you've written about it, Andrew - a new constitutional settlement, these are the issues that are now on the agenda because it's about parliament's accountability to the people." [my emphasis]

This is classic Fabian "wolf in sheeps clothing" stuff. More accountability? Broader freedom of information? NO BILL OF RIGHTS!

And more lies - we have a written Constitution, Gordon. That's why you're attacking it!

"The issues that are now on the agenda?" Now that you have wound the population up into a frenzy, you mean?

Our nation is being attacked now on so many fronts - the EU, the economy, "terrorism", corruption - that its hard to know which fight to pick. The fact is that there is one common target of all these so-called attacks - the sovereignty of the people of the United Kingdom. This new "written" constitution will place sovereignty lock, stock and barrel in the hands of Gordon's "New World Order."

If ever there was a time to get organised around the British Constitution, our sovereignty, and the rule of law, it is now. Brown intends to have his constitutional "reforms" in place by Christmas. Join the British Constitution Group TODAY, lets start organising the fight against the continual wittling away of our soverignty, our rights, and put an end to the ever more rapid moves towards fascism.