Tesco: The wages of Sin

We are often told not to kick a man when he is down ...

In the case of supermarket cartels like Tesco, whose aggressive commercial behaviour is throttling the life out of what remains of the independent UK retail sector, not to mention our farmers and producers, and have recently courted controversy with their decision to rescind their charity contributions to Cancer UK in favour of funding disgusting spectacles of our national moral decline like Gay Pride, we can only rejoice at the news that £4 billion was wiped off their share price yesterday, following “disappointing” Christmas sales figures.

With a due sense of righteous indignation, we hope that the trend continues and in fact accelerates, unless and until they repent and mend their ways.

A lot could be said about the trading and business practices of Tescos, but mostly this can be summed up by their response to being fined by the OFT recently. This speaks volumes of an organisation incapable of conscience or scruple, interested in one thing and one thing alone, advancing their voracious and expansionist corporate agenda worldwide.

But, if today’s rapturous news about their dismal performance over the December trading period is anything to go by, it would appear that their arrogance and disdain for the majority of people in UK, who remain Christian in sensibility and ethics, if not in their religious practices, has finally begun to hurt them in the only place they have nerve endings capable of feeling the fruits of their ill gotten labour - their wallets.

Let us all stand together and keep up the pressure on this particularly nasty, rabid and monopolistic “supermarket chain”, while the momentum and public opinion is with us. Two successive poor trading quarters could trigger a boardroom crisis at the company and perhaps even see some overpaid heads rolling out of the door. You never know, perhaps Mr Lansley himself, author of the present calamities, might well be one of them.

For, as the bible tells us, “the wages of Sin is death”.