Social Services Deliberate Destruction Of A Family

Children's Services have a methodology and structure, aimed purely at the destruction of the emotional ties between the children and parents.

Their system works like this:

First Social Services get their set against you – under the heading of “RISK”

It may be next door neighbours, school, jealous/vindictive family, a previous error on your part, but one you have paid for and are now “free” of. It doesn’t matter; you are now on their radar.

This paragraph really goes against everything I stand for and believe, because I think every child deserves all the love and fun a family can give. But the places where you should feel the most relaxed to showing your love and fun are now the most dangerous - school, playgroup, doctors, hospitals, your own home (neighbours). The reality is that so many people have now been brainwashed into the “predator” syndrome, that every male is a threat to every child, and every child thinks that every male is a threat to them. In fact these sad people, so scared of “sex” and so conditioned by the media of the dangers, that so-called friends become an absolute danger. They feel so righteous and community minded “dobbing” you in over their concerns about what they think is going on. They think that some casual observation and interpretation through their coloured perspective, gives them the right to make derogatory concern about the way you are behaving as a family. They have no understanding of the “Gestapo” which awaits the phone calls and the havoc that phone call reaps.

And woe betide the recipients of SS attention, as the ramifications to your complete life, not only yours, but that of the children they purport to protect, is laid in desolate ruin. If they decide that you are a “risk” to you children, your family is crucified. 

So, you must stay out of their radar as best you can, and to do that you must hide your love and enthusiasm for your family out of the public view.

For some, that is not enough, because the SS have commenced a policy of removing children from parents who have criminal records, including drugs, and they delight in using their tactics against them, as they “know” the public will uphold their “risk” assessment, even though based on lies!

They are effectively running an Inquisition, and instead of burning you at the stake, they burn your family instead.

The Kidnap

The first you know anything is really up, is when you arrive home from your normal activities, to find 2 social workers with 3 police waiting to ambush you.  You are told that there are complaints about you, resulting in concerns of risk to your children, and the court have issued an Emergency Protection Order, a 3 day order to remove the children while investigation occurs. Your distraught children are forcibly removed, just taken, and driven away.

You, as parents, are left bewildered, in total anguish and devastation. They just kidnap your children and leave you a snivelling mess. The inhumanity of this act alone is criminal, but of course part of the strategy. Normal humans would provide some support. The RSPCA look after their animals better!

Of course the 3-Day court order is just a ploy, because they say they haven’t enough time for the investigation and now go for a 30 day order. The Family Court just rubber stamps their request, despite loud vocal objections and pleas.

First thing I should say is DON’T be co operative, and SHUT UP. I was a logical person, 1 +1 = 2 type of guy, so, because I had done nothing wrong, answered all their questions, helped with people to see and talk to for evidence. What a mistake! 

Social Services selectively discarded all supporting people and evidence, and homed in on all unfounded accusations, which were opinion, subjective, and with no evidence.

The Fake Evidence

The character assassination was not only from others (school, neighbours, onlookers), but they dug into my previous estranged family, influencing and coaxing negative evidence which had nothing to do with the present family.

They looked at normal family events such as showering, dressing, medical needs etc, and turned them into disgusting sexual abuse events. 

Despite the police finding no evidence of abuse, with my girls or their friends, and having all supportive statements from those who know me, the SS marched relentlessly on in their character assassination. 

School, police, social services and psychologists interviewed the girls. All agreed that the girls had not been interfered with. The truth made no difference, I was now a “risk” in their eyes, and they continued to fabricate evidence to that end.

I willingly went for psychological assessment, and was found to be low risk. Then, social services gave him a brief with all the lies, and he changed his assessment to medium.

Social Services fed all the lies and allegations into a Sexual Assessment Report, to get a “VALID” report based on a pile of lies. 

They were now rolling, all positive evidence eliminated; weighty report decimating me as a sexual predator and a pile of false statements from previous family.

They went to court for another interim care order, and despite vigorous legal representation, the judge just rubber-stamped the order.